Due to pressure by certain State Attorney Generals and State Legislation enacted regarding the sale of electronic cigarettes we will NOT ship e-liquid or cartridges containing NICOTINE to the state(s) listed below. We WILL continue to sell our kits, electronic cigarette batteries, atomizer, chargers, accessories, and zero nicotine e-liquid and cartridges to all states. Please note that even without nicotine, many smokers still find the electronic cigarette is be a great alternative to smoking cigarettes and can still get their nicotine from a variety of sources including tobacco products or NRTs. A recent study about electronic cigarettes has also shown that e-cigarettes definitively deliver less nicotine than tobacco cigarettes even at levels as high as 18 mg/ml. Yet smokers still love’em.

States We Don’t Ship Nicotine E-liquid or Cartridges To:

Connecticut – Connecticut Attorney General, Richard Blumenthal has publicly come out against e-cigarettes and contacted some suppliers about selling electronic cigarettes in Connecticut. Although he has not taken any formal steps, we do not have the resources to enter a legal battle with Mr. Blumenthal. If you purchase the nicotine e-liquid and it is to be shipped to Connecticut, your order will be held and you will be contacted for options which include switching your order to zero nicotine or receiving a refund. If you live in Connecticut and believe it is unfair that your AG is limiting your smoking options to only tobacco cigarettes (the most deadly product on the market today) please contact your AG with your opinion.

Utah – Legislation in Utah was passed that requires the sale of electronic cigarettes to be face-to-face. This means that we no longer ship our product with nicotine to Utah. You can still get the zero nicotine e-liquid, sets, and parts from us.

Oregon – The Oregon AG has been suing companies for making certain claims about electronic cigarettes in Oregon. Although we do not make any health related claims about our e-cigarettes, we do not trust that the AG will differentiate companies and thus we have decided to only sell our none nicotine products in Oregon. We still don’t make any claims and we still don’t sell to minors.

3 thoughts on “Restrictions on Shipping Instead E-Cigarettes

  1. Do you deliver to Australia?????
    If not is there any way I can get one to Australia….. Please
    If not are you considering dilivering to Oz?
    I have spoken to alot of friends about this awsome advention and I think you would have an awome market here in Australia……

    I hope to hear from you with good news….. 🙂

    Cheers Kelly

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