If you currently have an electronic cigarette you may be wondering which parts and cartridges from other companies will fit your model. This may be because your current supplier no longer stocks your model, has went out of business, or you just haven’t been happy with the service.

Compatibility between e-cigarette models is not easy as there are many models, many names for each model and suppliers often change their product line. The definitive answer comes from the e-liquid. E-liquid can be used to refill almost any cartridge from any model. It is more difficult when using cartomizers (and not recommended as they are meant to be disposable) but any model where the atomizer and the cartridge are separate pieces can be refilled with e-liquid.

If you are wondering about cartridges sizes, this is also difficult to answer due to the reasons stated above. However, each bottle of Instead E-Liquid comes with 5 empty cartridges. If you are looking for e-liquid and new cartridges, we recommend keeping your old, used cartridges that you know fit. Then when you purchase a bottle of Instead E-Liquid, even if our cartridges don’t fit, you can still use the e-liquid to refill your old cartridges.

The Instead electronic cigarette is compatible with many popular brands. If your e-cigarette, when fully assembled, is 4 inches long, then it is likely our batteries and atomizers will fit. If you have the RN4081 or DSE101, it is likely our parts will fit.

The Instead e-cigarette charger will fit almost all brands. The batteries do not screw into the charger, but rather slide in. They have been designed to accommodate almost every brand battery on the market.

If you purchase a battery, charger or atomizer from Instead and it doesn’t fit your current model, you can return it for a full refund minus shipping.

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  1. Yulianti says:

    hi man..look i’ve been smoking for 4 years and it was rlaely tough for me to stop..but i tried so many times but once i made a question to myself why´╗┐ do i have to smoke,what does a ciggarette give me that my family and my friends dont..its just the thought that give u strength to go on and stop this FUCKING DRUG

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