Our blog has become expansive. There are now well over 150 blog posts about electronic cigarettes, the industry, and our company. For a quick reference, we put together a list of the top 5 blog posts that should interested every vaper. They will cover a variety of topics to give to good view of the electronic cigarette, the industry, and the controversy that surrounds its.

1) What is going on with the FDA and the e-cigarette? – get the big picture of what has happened in the e-cig industry from the FDA to the ECA.

2) Vaporization compared to combustion – find out more about the science behind the electronic cigarette and some studies on vaporization and combustion.

3) Electronic cigarette buying guide and FAQ – find answers to common questions and hardware and costs associated with vaping.

4) Types of e-cigaretttes – a list of the most popular models of e-cigarettes on the market.

5) Comparing electronic cigarette suppliers – a must read before purchasing.

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