We started this blog about electronic cigarettes in August of 2007. We begun selling electronic cigarettes shortly after that. Since then, we have seen a huge increase in traffic, new stories, sales, and general interest in e-cigarettes. We have seen a few large and many small suppliers enter into the marketplace.

So what does this tell us? It tells us that this is a good product that people like to use. This doesn’t necessarily mean all those who use an electronic cigarette have quit smoking, it just tells us that for many smokers, it is a good alternative some or all of the time that they would otherwise be smoking tobacco cigarettes.

From a public health aspect, isn’t a reduction in the number of tobacco cigarettes smoked Nationwide important? If a smoker used to smoke 2 packs a day but now only smokes 5 cigarettes a day and vapes the rest of the time, isn’t that at least a partial success?

I mention this because of all the media reports about how this product may not be “safe and effective”. By the way, these are the buzz words directly from the FDA to attempt to categorized the electronic cigarette as an NRT.

We first had the FDA report that made sweeping generalizations that the electronic cigarette may contain toxins – based on a very unscientific test…of the liquid, not the vapor.

Then we had The American Legacy Foundation panel discussing all the things they didn’t know about the electronic cigarette. – apparently if they don’t know, it must not be good.

Then we had a CNN report that electronic cigarettes are ineffective based on a study done by Dr. Eissenberg – with 16 people who had never used an electronic cigarette before.

But for all of the questions about whether this product is “safe and effective”, what do we actually know?

We know that for at least some percentage of smokers, the electronic cigarette is now their preferred habit over smoking tobacco.

We know that to date there have been no reported serious side effects from using an electronic cigarette.

If you are a smoker deciding if you should try an electronic cigarette, do the research and make a decision for yourself. Just please don’t read one hyped up news story and decide it is not worth trying……because there are many smokers turned vapers who would disagree.

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