As you browse the internet you will find many electronic cigarette supplier websites and blogs stating how much electronic cigarettes are like smoking tobacco cigarettes. While it is true that the act of vaping is very similar to smoking an “analogue” cigarette, there are some differences.

1) Electronic cigarettes require more prep than just grabbing a lighter. When contemplating changing your smoking habit, remember, electronic cigarette batteries need to be charged and cartridges need to be filled and/or changed. There are not huge time requirements to start vaping, but it is more intensive then using a lighter.

2) Using an electronic cigarette requires a little more planning than smoking tobacco cigarettes. When you run out of cigarettes you simply go down to the local gas station or convenience store and buy another pack. When you run out of e-liquid or cartridges or your battery/charger/atomizer go bad, it can take time to ship the product to you. It is a good idea to keep extra batteries, atomizers, cartridges, and e-liquid on hand. It also doesn’t hurt to have a back up e-cigarette charger, even if it is just a USB charger.

3) The action of smoking continues, but the inhaling is likely to be different from your tobacco cigarette. Often with e-cigarettes you need to inhale harder or more deeply to get the full sensation of smoking. This will depend on how you smoked originally and your brand of e-cigarette. Most smokers who use an electronic cigarette get used to this difference after a week or two.

4) The taste will be different. Although our e-liquid comes in tobacco or menthol flavor, it will taste different than your tobacco cigarettes. There is no way to fully reproduce the taste of actual smoke produced from combustion. However it is much like switching brands of cigarettes. Smokers become accustomed to it and many eventually prefer the taste of electronic cigarettes over their old “analogues”.

Deciding to change a habit from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes does take some adjustments. However, if you are like so many others who have tried the INSTEAD Electronic Cigarette, you will find it is a great alternative to your tobacco and become a true e-smoker….or even an advocate for the technology.

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