Many companies who sell electronic cigarettes claim that using an e-cigarette allows you to smoke everywhere and anywhere, specifically where smoking is banned. So is this true?

In principle this is true as electronic cigarettes don’t produce smoke….they produce vapor. So unless your state or local government has created a law specifically banning the use of an electronic cigarette in non smoking areas, then legally you should be able to use it. However in practice this may not be the case.

Bar and restaurant owners have the right to ask it’s patrons to not use their electronic cigarette within their building. And the vast majority of these business owners don’t have any idea what an electronic cigarette is or what it is that you are blowing out. The knee jerk reaction is that it is smoking and thus must create the same issues that tobacco smoke creates such as the smell, the haze, and the negative health effects on those in the building.

using electronic cigarette in no smoking area

To avoid conflict with the establishment owner, management and others within the non smoking area, I recommend being open with those in charge. This means before attempting to use your electronic cigarette in a no smoking bar or restaurant, talk to the owner or manager. Explain to them what an electronic cigarette is, how it works, and specifically what is in the vapor (propylene glycol, glycerin, water and trace amounts of nicotine….if you use the e-liquid with nicotine). Compare it to a fog machine, which also uses propylene glycol or glycerin to create visible vapor. Let them know how it is not combustion and doesn’t produce the same toxins found in tobacco smoke. Let them know how it is your preferred alternative over tobacco cigarettes.

This may or may not appease management and they may or may not allow you to e-smoke in their bar or restaurant. No matter the outcome, at least you have educated one more person about the technology.

The other option over blatantly using your e-cigarette in a no smoking area is to use it without others viewing you doing so. Hide your electronic cigarette in your hand. Blow the vapor down your shirt. Use it sparingly when you can do so without an audience. E-Smoking in this manner does run risk of someone seeing you, thinking it’s smoking, and getting kicked out of the establishment, but it is still less risky than blowing a plume of vapor into the air of a non smoking room.

If you have been in a bar or restaurant that openly allows the use of an electronic cigarette, we recommend you visit the Electronic Cigarette Directory and add their business listing. Doing so helps support businesses who embrace the e-cigarette and allows fellow e-smokers to find electronic cigarette friendly bars and restaurants!

19 thoughts on “Using Your Electronic Cigarette In No Smoking Areas

  1. Is there a site that allows you to post businesses that don’t allow electronic cigarettes? I had an incident with a manager of a retail store that refused to comprehend what I was doing. I’m here in Texas and really want to help with legislation here. Currently, there are no laws against it but it seems it is strickly up to the busniess to decide or up to their other customers.

  2. here in BZ Corners WA. there is a store that does not allow the e-cig. and as far as I know WA. dose not have a ban on e-cigs but he owns the BZ grocery tho so he can have it his way. i will not shop there any time soon again sorry and thank you.

  3. Those who are strong proponents of smokeless cigs should check out the current stats on the carcinogenic effects (that is, if you believe that there are invisible components in the air we ALL breathe that shall affect one’s health).

  4. I personally would not have a problem with people using e-cigs as the alternative to regular cigarettes why not? Seems to me that would solve the problem for both parties. So I say lighten up non smokers seems like your never satisfied find something else to complain about!

    1. KC – so what do you call the writting you have submitted to be. Sounds a bit like waa waa waa! boo hoo! to myself and others. Why is this such a big issue when the vapor produced is heavier than the smoke produced in a normal cigarette and therefore falls in the e-smokers place should there be a .00001% chance of having any harmful effects. Much like a person that chews tobacco. So do they get removed as well?

  5. Spend lots of money at Longhorn in Columbia, SC. Will not be going back. A heavy smoker friend of mine I felt was killing herself and others around her finally had an alternative. We, (her friends) took her out for her birthday at Longhorn Steakhouse June 1st. The manager came over and told her she couldn’t smoke her E-cigarette! Needless to say, we will not be going back. People just got to have something to complain about. I, for one couldn’t stand the smoking of others…now we have an alternative. WE don’t have to be chocked to death by cigarette smoke.

  6. Your exhaust is exactly like second hand smoke. And you are getting an enhanced drug effect from the same companies that have controlled you. Why still buy their products? Don’t exhale by me in a non smoking environment or I will shove your e-cigarette down your throat.

  7. personally I don’t care if someone smokes or not, and I have only recently learnt of the e-cigarette. I own a café and asked the gentleman to not smoke it. He refused and just said he was vaporising. My point to him was even though you are technically not smoking, it appears that you are, and others see this and then wonder why they can’t smoke. He clearing needed a real cigarette because he was a cranky old bugger.

  8. from City of Austin employee benefits guide:
    “New Tobacco Premium for 2015
    Non-tobacco users must complete the Tobacco Certification Form
    during Open Enrollment to avoid paying the Tobacco Premium.
    Employees enrolled in a City medical plan and who use tobacco will
    pay $12.50 per pay period beginning January 2015. The premium will
    be waived for employees who certify they do not use tobacco or have
    successfully completed a 2014 Tobacco Cessation class or complete a
    class in 2015.”
    Just found out that e-cigs ARE considered by the City of Austin a tobacco product, but there’s no City Ordinance putting a ban on e-cig use in public places. It get’s better: If someone completes Tobacco Cessation program will get ( drum roll): 6 months worth of supply of nicotine patches or gum for FREE!!
    Go figure…
    Wonder if the whole thing is legal to begin with. Any thoughts?

    1. Forgot to add: the $12.50 a pay period(every 2 weeks) is NOT mandated by health providers (PPO/HMO) and the money DOES NOT go to them. It will be used for founding “other health programs” provided by the City of Austin. Another words, a new TAX on the employees who use e-cigs. (I started using vape in May 2013 and never bought another pack of cigarettes since)

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