Every now and then we get a call or an email from a smoker or e-smoker looking for a local retail store that sells electronic cigarettes. Sometimes this is due to limited time (i.e. they ran out of e-liquid yesterday) and other times it is simply because that particular consumer is not comfortable buying anything over the internet.

We believe in the technology and it’s ability to help smokers find a suitable alternative. So, for all those who are looking for a local shop that sells electronic cigarettes, we recommend the E-Cigarette Directory.

The E-Cigarette Directory not only has listings for local e-cigarette retailers, but also has listings for online e-cigarette suppliers, electronic cigarette manufacturers, bars and restaurants that allow the usage of e-cigarettes, and even groups and communities in support of electronic cigarettes.

The E-Cigarette Directory is a great resource for all those who use electronic cigarettes, make or sell electronic cigarettes, and those just curious about the technology in general.

9 thoughts on “Find Local Electronic Cigarette Suppliers at the E-Cigarette Directory

  1. i want to buy electronic cigarette locally.. im staying in bangalore, india.. so guide me to buy here only.. and please send the cost for it and advantages of it and disadvantage also..

  2. Yes Enhancethetruth they do make e-cigs without ntoicine. I’m also convinced that FDA and Health Canada is corrupt, and refusing to legalize electronic cigarettes. It has helped me also quit smoking. There’s no way the tobacco and fixation aid companies will allow this product coming to market without a fight and bribing/pressuring anyone they can out of fear of massive profit losses.

  3. The E-Cigarette Directory is probably the best resource out there as far as directories are concerned. They have quite the list of suppliers, especially if you are looking for something in your specific location. -Tarun, I definitely agree that the FDA has something to gain by not advocating electronic cigarettes, I am just glad there are those out there who see the benefits of electronic cigarettes over traditional smoking.

  4. I want to know where I can find E-Tron electric cigarettes in Savannah Georgia? I have tried alot others and E-Tron is the best for me. I haven’t had a cigarette in over a month and I feel great!! I wanted to stop smoking for years. But, the patches and gums never worked for me.

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