We get calls every once in a while asking about why they should purchase from Instead Electronic Cigarettes rather than another supplier. We have written about some of the benefits of buying from Instead in the past with our 5 reasons to buy Instead Electronic Cigarettes blog post, but we thought a post about some of the differences out there in the market might help people make their decision.

There are quite a few suppliers in the United States. Some offer just e-liquid, some have kits, hardware and e-liquid, and others offer just the kits with pre-filled cartridges. We offer what we believe to be the most unique kits on the market with 2 atomizers instead of 1, empty cartridges instead of pre-filled ones, and a variety of e-liquid to fill those cartridges including e-liquid made right here in the United States. As mentioned in past blog posts, we sell the empty cartridges with bottles of e-liquid to keep cost down for our customers and to ensure their expectations are meant. For instance, many companies claim a pre-filled cartridge is a half a pack of cigarettes or more. We have found this to be false, so having a bottle of e-liquid around to add a couple drops every 10 to 20 puffs or so ensures good vapor production all the time. With that said, we have found a partial solution to the pre-filled cartridge problem with the Instead Cartomizers. These are pre-filled with e-liquid and is a combination of atomizer and cartridge. Rather than last 1 or 2 cigarettes worth like a regular pre-filled cartridge, the cartomizer is equivalent to about 15 cigarettes. It is disposable, so once it is used up, you simply screw on a new one. The overall cost of e-smoking does increase by using a cartomizer, but they are more convenient.

The models of electronic cigarettes offered by companies also varies greatly. Some are larger for longer battery life, while others are smaller to look more like a traditional tobacco cigarette. The Instead Electronic Cigarette is 4″ long, slightly thicker than a regular tobacco cigarette, but looks a lot like your old “analogue” cigarette. We have tested many models and believe ours is the perfect balance of battery life, vapor production, look and feel.

You will also find some suppliers making claims such as “the healthy way to smoke” or “use an electronic cigarette to quit smoking”. While these claims may seem fine to the average consumer, the truth is that FDA regulations prohibit these claims without proper testing. These unproven claims may not be malicious, but they are impacting how the FDA, anti-smoking groups, and public officials are viewing this industry. Instead attempts to provide relevant information about electronic cigarettes without giving consumers false hopes or misleading them about how safe or unsafe this product is. To be clear, there is no evidence they are harmful (unless you count the potential risks of nicotine itself) while there are no studies proving there is zero risk. We do acknowledge that electronic cigarette vapor contains no tar, hydrogen cyanide, or carbon monoxide, all of which are found in tobacco smoke.

We also are a founding member of the Electronic Cigarette Association. The ECA was formed to help battle misinformation, ensure the continued availability of electronic cigarettes to smoking adults, and create standards within this industry to prevent false marketing claims and ensure member companies do not market or sell to children.

Aside from the quality and uniqueness of our products, we also pride ourselves on our customer service. If there are troubles with ordering, questions about the product, or issues after the sale, we are happy to answer calls at our number; 321-256-0486. You will generally get a very knowledgeable person on your first call. If we can’t get to the phone, leave a message and someone will call within 24 hours at the most, but generally within a couple of hours. We believe in the product and want to make sure that all smokers who try the electronic cigarette have a good experience. We encourage all who are making their decision about which company to purchase from give that company a call to make sure customer service is taken seriously.

3 thoughts on “The Differences Between Electronic Cigarette Suppliers

  1. i have been trying to buy electronic cigarettes in dunedin nz but cant seem to find who sells them i have tryed pharmacys with no luck would like to know who sells them thankyou.

  2. i bought mine at the petrol station im from australia. never seen them before. i think they smell like herbs. looks like a chinese product i cant find any specific brands or any useful information on the packet. Just has a graphic of a beach and a blue sky. Feels like smoking though. Worth a try, tobacco smokes is going to kill ya anyway i guess..

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