Looking for an easy, inexpensive way to try out an electronic cigarette? Need a Christmas gift for a smoker, but not sure if they will like using an e-cigarette? Instead now offers very simple electronic cigarette starter kits that allows smokers to quickly and easily try out the technology.

The kit consists of a USB passthrough and 2 pre-filled cartomizers (an atomizer / cartridge combination). It’s simple, just plug the USB passthrough into a USB port on your computer, screw in the cartomizer, and puff away! There is no need to charge any batteries or fill any cartridges. Of course this kit will only work while it is plugged into a USB port, but it will give any smoker the chance to try it out. If they like it, there are rechargeable batteries to e-smoke on the go, bottles of e-liquid with refillable cartridges, car chargers, and a variety of other accessories.

The USB passthrough is a must have for any e-smoker who spends any time on the computer. And the cartomizers produce good vapor, are simple to use, and last much longer than most other cartridges. In fact the average life of a cartomizer is approximately 15 tobacco cigarettes with light smokers getting an entire pack out of one cartomizer. Here is a picture of our new starter kits:

usb passthrough e-cigarette kit

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Please note the e-liquid in the cartomizers is made in America, but it is not the same formulation as our American made e-liquid in the bottles. For those currently using the Instead brand e-liquid in the bottle, there is a taste difference with this e-liquid.

So what is a cartomizer?  Unlike the Instead Electronic Cigarette kit which comes with a reusable atomizer and refillable cartridges, the cartomizer is prefilled and contains a disposable atomizer.  Here are the pros and cons of the cartomizer:

Cons: they are more expensive to use as they shouldn’t be refilled.

Pros: easy to use (just screw it on and puff), produces good vapor with less inhalation pressure, they last longer than a refillable cartridge that is full (a cartomizer is about 15 cigarettes while a refillable cartridge filled up is about 2 or 3 cigarettes)

For those who already have the Instead Electronic Cigarette Set, YES, you can use our new cartomizers.  They fit the Instead batteries.  So if you are looking for a more convenient way to e-smoke, buy a pre-filled cartomizer to try out!

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