What to get your smoker loved one is always a question that comes up around the holiday season. Do you get them a new lighter? A new ashtray? What about a carton of tobacco cigarettes? Been there, done that. And each year, they say thank you, add their new gift to their collection and continue smoking, whether you like it or not.

This year, try something different. Try an electronic cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes are a great gift idea for the smokers in your circle. They offer the same hand to mouth sensation, which is a massive part of the smoking habit, without the combustion.

What is combustion you may be asking yourself? Combustion occurs when the flame from the lighter, burns the tip of the cigarette. Combustion is responsible for producing carbon monoxide, arsenic, and formaldehyde, just to name a few. It is the products of combustion that cause the second hand smoke that we are all very familiar with.

The electronic cigarette uses vaporization. Vaporization is the process in which at a temperature lower than boiling, a liquid is turned into a gas or a vapor. As this process does not achieve the 1000 degrees needed to burn, it is also not capable of creating second hand smoke.

For more on this, visit our combustion vs. vaporization post.

How the electronic cigarette works:

Each INSTEAD Electronic Cigarette consists of three parts: The battery, the atomizer, and the mouthpiece which houses the cartridge. When assembled, the e-cig looks exactly like a cigarette. By removing the mouthpiece, the smoker is able to insert tiny drops of E-Liquid, which contains nicotine (optional), propylene glycol, glycerin, flavorings, and water. By replacing the mouthpiece onto the unit, the smoker inhales, just as they would on a tobacco cigarette. The atomizer, which is a small personal vaporizer, heats the eLiquid which in turn, creates a vapor. The smoker can then, inhale and exhale, just as they would a tobacco cigarette.

The INSTEAD Electronic Cigarette Kit comes with everything your smoker needs to get started. Two batteries, two atomizers, a charger, empty cartridges/mouthpieces, a very gift friendly tin and carrying bags. If your gift is to a new eSmoker, please consider our electronic cigarette kits with a bottle of E-Liquid as the E-Liquid is the necessary component for creating vapor.

If you have concerns on whether the electronic cigarette is a good gift for your smoker, there is absolutely no harm in telling your smoker your plans. Let them be a part of the decision and honestly, there are some choices that will need to be made regarding nicotine level and flavor and should really be left to the smoker. After all, it is their habit for which they should be responsible for all aspects of. If you have further concerns as to who should or should not use the electronic cigarette, please visit our Electronic Cigarette Smokers Qualifications page.

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