What does Ron Paul have to do with the electronic cigarette you ask? Well, if you are an avid reader of our blog, you probably came across Right To Choose E-Smoking and Right To Vape. These posts demonstrate the issue at the heart of the debate over electronic cigarettes; the freedom for smokers to choose an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Let’s be honest with ourselves, if the real issue was about health then tobacco cigarettes, which kill about 400,000 Americans per year, would be banned.

Smokers who are also American’s, or those living in America, have certain rights. These rights should include the ability to choose electronic cigarettes rather than tobacco cigarettes. That’s it…plain and simple. You may not like smoking or smokers, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have rights.

Ron Paul has been an advocate for limited government, personal freedoms, civil liberties and individual rights since the 1970’s. We at Instead believe that Ron Paul is a perfect allie to help ensure the government or some government agency doesn’t isolate the tobacco market (or the pharmaceutical market) so big companies can enjoy limited competition. We also believe this is a matter of smoker’s rights to choose an alternative to a known killer, which we think Ron Paul will agree with.

UPDATE: We came across this article: Moving Towards Tobacco Prohibition written by Ron Paul. It is a great read for those interested in being free.

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