Due to extraordinary demand, orders that include American Made E-Liquid, including the Instead Kits with American Made E-Liquid, in High Tobacco or Medium Tobacco strength/flavor combinations will be delayed by approximately 1 week. These orders will be shipped on or around October 19th.

Orders that include American Made E-Liquid in Low Tobacco, Zero Tobacco, High Menthol, Medium Menthol, Low Menthol, or Zero Menthol will ship in our usual 1 business day time frame. Most orders placed before 2:00 pm EST go out the same day.

Orders that include our Imported E-Liquid (including our Electronic Cigarette Kits with Imported E-Liquid) will also ship on schedule, although our current availability of flavors and strengths is limited. We will have our Imported E-Liquid stock replenished in the coming weeks.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes our customers and we continue to work to ensure a steady supply of electronic cigarettes and e-liquid in this ever changing marketplace.

One thought on “E-Liquid Stock Update

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