The electronic cigarette is a fascinating product. It allows smokers to continue with their habitual routine of smoking but eliminates the combustion by using vaporization. In our 2008 post “Yes, It’s an Electric Cigarette“, was our first mention of the word “vaping”.

As the electronic cigarette does not use combustion but vaporization, many eSmokers like to be called “vapers”. They “vape” their personal vaporizers, another name for electronic cigarettes, but most importantly, they want to keep their Right to Vape.

INSTEAD is committed to helping fight a good battle. We have worked hard to see the foundation of the Electronic Cigarette Association (ECA) formed. The hope is to keep electronic cigarettes on the market in direct competition with tobacco cigarettes so smokers truly have the choice to vape rather than “smoke”.

As tobacco smokers, one of our biggest problems was that we LOVED to smoke. We LOVED everything except for the smell, the smoke and the companies who made them. We could not ask them what their smoke contained but we did know it was killing us. We could feel ourselves being “put out” with every cigarette butt.

For many eSmokers or “vapers”, this is not the situation. Although everyone agrees further testing is needed, anyone who does a day’s worth of research online about the e-cigarette will soon find a great deal of information to make an informed decision. They keep in mind; vaping (i.e. e-smoking) is a bad habit with some risks vs. the habit that kills 400,000 people in the USA every year…..more than World War II — more than AIDS, cocaine, heroin, alcohol, vehicular accidents, homicide and suicide combined. For whatever their reasons, they feel that the electronic cigarette is their choice and they should continue to have that choice. In short, they want to protect their right to vape.

There is an organization, conveniently called, Right to Vape (RtV). They are made up of ex-smokers from all walks of life and are some of the most passionate people we have ever met. They work hard to ensure that consumers have a voice.

Founded in January of 2009, Right to Vape has come a long way. They have focused their mission and now have a very clear and strong goal to see a future where consumers can choose their personal vaporizers (electronic cigarettes) over tobacco cigarettes.

The mission of Right to Vape is:
“Vapers come from all walks of life . . . we hail from different countries and ascribe to many different political, religious, and economic philosophies. But despite our many differences (large and small), we have one thing in common: We passionately believe in our right to vape.

The volunteers of Right to Vape believe that Right to Vape is in a unique position to empower consumers, but we realize that in order for an organization to have an effective voice and presence, it must have goals and a clear sense of direction . . . a Mission Statement that people believe in and want to support.

We believe the Mission Statement that has been adopted by the volunteers of Right to Vape provides that sense of direction:

Right to Vape is an international volunteer organization aimed at initiating and supporting activism and education on behalf of those wishing to use personal vaporizers, including nicotine where desired, and to encourage scientific study, product safety and effectiveness. Right to Vape holds no national or political allegiances and aims to work with other organizations world-wide which share its goals.

If you are interested in volunteering to protect your right to vape, please visit their Volunteer page for requirements of participation. They are completely made up of consumers and have no vested interest in the industry. Suppliers are welcome to participate as an individual consumer, but have no voting rights.

Right to Vape is not affiliated with INSTEAD in any way, other than our participation in discussions. We fully support their mission and encourage our customers who wish to do something, to head on over and have a look. Stop into the Welcome New Members thread and introduce yourself. Take some time to visit the Right to Vape Activism Section to find things that you can do right now!

Protect your freedom of choice. Protect your right to vape.

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