With the rise in the number of people using the electronic cigarette, there is more and more interest from entrepreneurs and internet marketers in promoting the electronic cigarette to smokers who have not been able to quit smoking. To help with the success of those promoting the INSTEAD Electronic Cigarettes, we have raised our commission rate to 10% of the gross sale. This, in combination with our very unique electronic cigarette sets and our great customer service will help ensure our affiliates can compete in the ever growing electronic cigarette market.

For information about how to join, visit our electronic cigarette affiliate page or sign up directly to become and INSTEAD affiliate.

For those who wish to get more involved in the e-cigarette directly by actually selling electronic cigarettes, please contact us HERE. Include information about the area you wish to serve (geographical location, online, established brick and mortar stores) and the estimated monthly volume. This will help us determine which avenue is best, since we do have relationships with a variety of companies to facilitate almost any wholesale electronic cigarette need.

Please note we are also able to help those who wish to sell electronic cigarettes internationally. We have helped set up other companies and individuals outside of the United States who wish to offer their customers e-cigarettes. International inquiries can use the same contact form and again, please include information about your market.

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