Today’s post is regarding the Life Span of an Electronic Cigarette. How long should a battery last? How long should an atomizer last? How long should a 15ml bottle of E-Liquid last? How long should the cartridge last? What should one expect and how much should one plan on spending over the course of a year for an electronic cigarette?

First, we would like to note that all things must be taken into consideration and the most important factor, is the type of smoker and the style of smoking. Just as there are different types of tobacco smokers, there are different types of eSmokers, and just because you are a certain type of tobacco smoker, does not mean that your eSmoking style will be the same.

That said… Here we go!

How long should a battery last?

The INSTEAD Electronic Cigarette battery is a lithium ion battery. The barrel is white and has the INSTEAD logo printed in black, just below the gold threads where the atomizer connects. This battery, based on usage can last anywhere from 6 months to 18 months. Again, the more you use it and recharge it, the shorter the life will be.

If you smoke your e-cig consistently, also known to tobacco smokers as being a “chain smoker”, one should expect to receive approximately 2 hours out of every battery, per charge. For those who use the electronic cigarette like a tobacco cigarette, sitting down for a “smoke break”, i.e. the average user, you should be getting anywhere from 4-8 hours, depending on how many “smoke breaks” taken. Basically the two batteries that come with the Instead Electronic Cigarette Set will last almost every eSmoker for an entire day.

How long should an atomizer last?

Atomizers are the small metal piece that screws into the battery. Once you have the atomizer screwed into the battery and remove the mouthpiece, you will find a small metal coil. This coil is what heats up the eLiquid and this “event” is caused by the user taking a drag. Atomizers, based on usage and smoking style, can last anywhere from a couple months to a year. Either way, this is one of those costs with eSmoking and it is ALWAYS suggested that you have at least one extra on hand.

The INSTEAD kit comes with two so not only do you have a spare atomizer, but by switching them back and forth between uses, for example using a different atomizer every day, you can see if the vapor production is still up to par. By being ahead of the game and knowing when the life span is starting to come to an end, you can plan ahead.

How long should a 15ml bottle of eLiquid last? How long should the cartridge last?

These two questions really go hand in hand. A 15ml bottle, using 2-3 drops of eLiquid to yield 7-14 puffs, will last you the equivalent of 300 cigarettes. With every bottle of eLiquid purchased from INSTEAD, you are provided 5 empty cartridges (mouthpieces with the cartridge inside of them).

It is strongly suggested for sanitation purposes, that you go no longer than a week with a mouthpiece. The mouthpieces can last much longer, however after extended usage, the wick (poly-batting inside of the small cartridge in the mouthpiece where the liquid goes), will become compacted and doesn’t seem to hold the liquid as well as it should.

If a bottle of e-Liquid lasts you a week, and remember, a bottle of e-Liquid is approximately 300 cigarettes, then it is suggested that you change out your mouthpiece every other day. If you find yourself with a seasonal ailment like the flu, or you have shared a mouthpiece, again, you might want to consider changing out the mouthpiece. And remember, the mouthpiece can go into the recycling bin!

What should you expect and how much should one plan on spending over the course of a year for an electronic cigarette?

You should expect to enjoy the eSmoking experience. At first, it will be different. There is no doubt that off the start an electronic cigarette is not as easy as lighting a tobacco cigarette. However, once you become comfortable with the process, it becomes easy, if not easier, than smoking a tobacco cigarette. And remember, instead of emptying ashtrays and searching for a lighter or masking the smoke smell from your clothing, you simply pull it out of your pocket, maybe add a little e-liquid, puff away, and then put it away when finished.

Over the course of a year, based on smoking style, most users should expect to be spending on average 45% to 65% less for their nicotine habit. Of course some eSmokers are harder on their hardware and some eSmokers use more e-Liquid than others.

As an example of how much cheaper using an electronic cigarette can be vs smoking cigarettes and using conservative figures, a pack a day smoker at $5 per pack spends $1,825 per year. This same eSmoker would need 24.33 bottles of e-liquid for the year, so:
1 x Instead Electronic Cigarette Set w/ 1 bottle of eliquid = $110
24 x Bottle of E-Liquid at $25 = $600
2 x Replacement Battery at $30 = $60
6 x Replacement Atomizer at $20 = $120
Total: $890 (about a 50% savings over smoking tobacco cigarettes)

This is a “worst case scenario” and would be very unlikely. We also used our more expensive American made E-liquid in this example. You may need to buy a couple atomizers and maybe a battery within that year, but it does show what the minimal savings can be like. Also, we do offer a warranty for the first 30 days and we have found that within this time period, if nothing goes bad, the parts will generally last for months afterward. If you do have bad components after the warranty, contact us and we will work something out with discounts and freebies to keep our customers happy.

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