Congressmen Steve Buyer, from Indiana’s 4th District took the floor of the House some time ago in opposition of the new tobacco legislation (which was passed and signed by The President). He makes a very good point about tobacco usage; “It’s not the nicotine that kills, it’s the smoke that kills.” He goes on to state that “If you dry and smoke lettuce, you will end up with similar problems than if you smoke tobacco.” This gained some media attention for obvious reasons. Laughter aside, it is a valid point. Burning anything and inhaling it is inherently bad for you. Although inhaling propylene glycol and the flavoring may have problems of it’s own, one thing is certain; electronic cigarettes do not produce smoke.

Here is Steve Buyer making his speech:

And here is a humorous montage dedicated to Buyer’s speech and smoking lettuce:

One thought on “It’s Not The Nicotine That Kills, It’s The Smoke That Kills

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