Anyone who does a bit of research on electronic cigarettes will soon find that there are a variety of types and sizes.  Some are better than others, but in general they all have their pros and cons.  Below is a list of some of the most popular types and their most common names along with what we believe to be their strengths and weaknesses.

Super Mini Cigarette (RN4088) – One of the smallest models on the market.  It is basically the same size as a regular cigarette. Pros: It’s small size makes it comfortable for many smokers to use.  Cons: It’s small size also makes it’s battery, atomizer, and cartridge pretty small so battery life is weak, it produces less vapor than others, and you will need to refill or change the cartridge more often.

Super Cigarette (DSE101, DSE103, RN4081) – Slightly larger than a regular cigarette, but still looks like a tobacco cigarette.  Pros: Most smokers find the size comfortable and it produces good vapor and has decent battery life.  Cons: The cartridge is a bit smaller than others so you will need to refill or change cartridges more often, although it’s cartridge is larger than the Super Mini Cigarette.

Mini Cigarette (DSE901, RN4075) – About the same girth as the Super Cigarette, but longer and has a tapered mouthpiece. Pros: Produces good vapor and has a good battery life.  Cons: Some smokers find the feel and design to be too different from a traditional cigarette and more like a small cigar.

Penstyle (DSE801, RN4072) – This was one of the first designs on the market.  It is quite a bit larger than a tobacco cigarette.  Pros:  It produces a lot of vapor and has a strong battery with a large cartridge.  Cons:  It is large an awkward to hold for many used to smoking a traditional (analogue) cigarette.

Screwdriver – As you guessed, this is shaped like a screwdriver.  It is basically just a really big battery.  Pros: Battery life is extended.  Cons:  It is very large and can be uncomfortable to hold.  Users have complained that they don’t like using them in public because they look strange.

Disposables – Disposable electronic cigarettes are all one piece with no rechargeable battery or refillable cartridge.  They come in different sizes, but are generally the same size as the Mini Cigarette.  Pros: Convenience.  Cons: They cartridges can’t be refilled, the batteries can’t be recharged.  Produces more waste.

The Instead Electronic Cigarette falls into the category of Super Cigarette.  We have tried models from every category and found that our electronic cigarette is a good balance of size, function, and vapor production.  We believe this model is the most satisfactory for long time smokers looking for an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. To see our kits visit Electronic Cigarette Kits.

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2 Responses to Types of Electronic Cigarettes

  1. Mara says:

    Why would you risk that without liraneng first if there are any studies proving it’s safe for pregnant women? You’re taking a big risk, even if they are technically safe. You don’t know the chemicals they might be using to create that vapor.

  2. Rajiv says:

    Dude I roll my own cigarettes too But why would you want to waste $79 to $450 on some eloncretic device that could possible go Tits-up on ya the minute you use it, I roll my own by using my hands and fingers, and I don’t need some eloncretic device to roll my cigs for me, That what my hands and fingers are for

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