For a limited time, we are once again offering pre-filled electronic cigarette cartridges.  The cartridges fit the Instead Electronic Cigarette and come filled with your choice of e-liquid (various nicotine levels in tobacco or menthol flavors).  These cartridges, just like the empty electronic cigarette cartridges, can be refilled with e-liquid (once they are used up).  Pre-filled cartridges are approximately equivalent to 3 to 5 tobacco cigarettes.  Although we still believe the best e-smoking experience is with e-liquid, the pre-filled cartridges are convenient for those on the go.

Another new addition to our product line are the E-Cigarette Car Chargers.  This car charger works in conjunction with the small USB charger that comes with every Instead Electronic Cigarette Kit.  It converts your car’s cigarette lighter into a USB input to plug in your charger.  Another great idea for the e-smoker on the move.

Happy E-Smoking!

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