We have two competing products: The tobacco cigarette and the electronic cigarette. Both can deliver nicotine and facilitate the habit of smoking. But there are differences. The electronic cigarette is a reusable product. Cartridges can be filled over and over again. Batteries and atomizers last many uses. Obviously this is not the case with tobacco cigarettes. Let’s have a look at the difference in garbage produced between using 300 tobacco cigarettes and using 1 bottle of E-Liquid (approx. equivalent to 300 tobacco cigarettes by puff count):

E-Cigarette Waste Vs Tobacco Cigarettes

Please note the e-cigarette cartridges are made of #2 plastic, which is generally recyclable. The glass bottle from e-smoking and the cardboard boxes from the tobacco cigarettes are also recyclable. This image shows the amount of garbage with no recycling, although we encourage everyone to recycle.

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