The intended use of a product is important not only from the perspective of categorization by the FDA but also to ensure the consumer is not misled by advertising. The FDA has been arguing that the intended use of the electronic cigarette is, or should be, to help people quit smoking. We do not believe this to be the case. We believe that this is another way to intake nicotine and participate in the action of smoking, without actually burning tobacco.

Many consumers who signed the electronic cigarette petition have stated that they have quit smoking with the electronic cigarette. However, these same consumers don’t state they have quit using nicotine, just that they have quit smoking. Smoking is not a disease according to the CDC, but nicotine addiction is, and there is no proof that electronic cigarettes help treat nicotine addiction. There is also no evidence that these consumers will not go back to smoking tobacco cigarettes.

It is a disservice to consumers to lead them to believe the electronic cigarette is a quit smoking product. There is no evidence as such. It continues the habit and the addiction to nicotine.

The intended use of the Instead Electronic Cigarette is to use it for the action of smoking. If you like to smoke, you may like the electronic cigarette. If you want to quit smoking, we recommend you go cold turkey or use a product that has been proven to help smokers quit.

One thought on “The Intended Use of an Electronic Cigarette

  1. I agree! I went to the electronic cigerette to stop smoking, however as soon as my charged cigerette emptied, I was right back to the store to buy a pack of cigeretts. I thought by using the ecig I could get to a point of just putting it down and letting it go. That is not the case. It made the people around me feel better, my husband and mother. It did not give me a chance to quit. Next step is to join a quit smoking class and just be done with it. I do enjoy my house not smelling like smoke and not burning my closes. I am allowed to smoke it in my mothers home, which was never allowed. I truely feel that at the age of 56, I have done enough damage.
    Oh we think we are so smart and look for ways not to quit smoking. HEALTH AND WELL BEING are the only things that matter as well as whom you are giving second hand smoke too…

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