So what is the big deal over electronic cigarettes? Why would any public health organization or quit smoking group be against a product that doesn’t produce smoke? Why would the FDA be so determined to undermine the electronic cigarette’s current success by misleading the public with false conclusions from it’s testing?

It all started when smoking was found to kill people. Then, the pharmaceutical companies found there was money to be made by selling smokers nicotine in hopes to get them off of smoking. These companies were required to get approval from the FDA to market their quit smoking products. Approval means huge sums of money paid to the FDA.

Many public health organizations and quit smoking groups get at least some of their money from pharmaceutical companies. Whether this was the driving factor or it was their hope of less people dieing from smoking, these crusaders against smoking got motivated. Not only did they recommend smokers quit smoking (often by using a pharmaceutical product) they demonized smokers. They did a good job. There is little tolerance in America today for a smoker.

Enter the electronic cigarette. This simple little device threatens to turn the tables of years of hate speech. It is much harder to hate an action of someone else if that actions hurts only the user…..or nobody at all. Some still will, but the ads against e-smoking won’t have the same impact as those against tobacco smoking.

Left unchecked, the electronic cigarette could put a dent in the tobacco market, a dent in the pharmaceutical nicotine market, and give pause to those who feel hate towards smokers. It is obvious the pharmaceutical companies, the tobacco companies, the public health organizations, and the FDA would rather avoid some, if not all, of these outcomes.

This is about a habit and it’s social acceptance. Certain groups want to maintain the status quo. We want a practical alternative to the issue of smoking, which will continue in one form or another for the foreseeable future.

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  1. It depends on how often you use it. For an avegare smoker that would smoke about a pack a day like myself the battery usually last a day and a half or so. That is why I have two batteries. Also these types of batteries it is bad to charge too long and let stay uncharged for too long as well.

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