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Electronic Cigarette Kit w/ US Made E-Liquid
Electronic Cigarette Set with US Made E-Liquid with:
2 x Batteries
2 x Atomizers
1 x USB / AC Battery Charger
1 x Carrying tin
1 x Travel pouch
1 x 15 ml bottle of American made E-Liquid (approximately 300 cigarettes worth)
5 x Empty cartridges
American Made E-Liquid Smoke Juice
American Made E-Liquid Smoke Juice with:
1 x 15 ml bottle of e-liquid (approximately equivalent to 300 tobacco cigarettes
1 x Dropper to fill your cartridges (empty cartridges not included)
Portable Electronic Cigarette Charger
Portable Electronic Cigarette Battery Pack with:
1 x Portable lithium ion battery
1 x Cord to charge the battery pack from your computer
1 x Cord to charge the iPhones and iPods
*Note: A USB e-cigarette charger is need to make this portable battery a e-cigarette battery charger, but luckily a USB charger comes with each Instead Kit!
*Charge it from your computer, then charge an E-Cigarette battery up to 18 times on the go!

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