There are many things about e-smoking that are similar to traditional smoking but let’s not forget that it still isn’t actually smoking. Some argue that it is still smoking because the action of smoking is still present and although this is a valid argument, there is still no combustion, just vaporization. Thus, the term “vaping” has been introduced by many e-smokers.

Let’s first look at the similarities.

As mentioned above, electronic cigarettes allow the user to inhale and exhale a smoke like substance. This is important and why many smokers find the electronic cigarette to be a suitable alternative to tobacco. You can see the vapor go in and see it come out. You can even blow “vapor rings”.

Many electronic cigarettes look like traditional tobacco cigarettes. This is not true of all models, but of most. This adds to the smoking sensation and helps many smokers feel more comfortable with the product.

Electronic cigarettes deliver nicotine…..well most do. While it is true that you can easily use an e-cigarette with no nicotine at all, most are sold with nicotine. By the way, here is a pdf of research done on nicotine by M.A. Bozarth,* C.M. Pudiak, & R. KuoLee. Addiction Research Unit, Department of Psychology, University at Buffalo. As a side note, although nicotine is addictive, it has never shown to be cancer causing.

Now the differences.

Electronic cigarettes use vaporization, not combustion. Burning causes a chemical reaction that can produce many known cancer causing agents including tar.

The e-cigarette can be used over and over again. The cartridges are refillable using e-liquid and the battery is rechargeable. This is quite the opposite of a tobacco cigarette which is used up then tossed.

Tobacco cigarettes contain tobacco….obviously. This is not the case with electronic cigarettes. The liquid that is vaporized contains a base of propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, water, nicotine (optional), and flavoring. Further testing of the vapor is underway to determine other compounds in the liquid and in the vapor.

It is common knowledge that smoking tobacco cigarettes causes cancer and may eventually lead to death. To date and to our knowledge, no cases of e-smoking related cancer have been reported. To date there are zero cases of e-smoking related deaths. Although there are limited studies (right now), if you would like some users opinions, visit the electronic cigarette petition.

Contrary to what many health organizations advocate, smokers do have rights…..they just don’t have the right to harm others. They do have the right to choose an alternative to a product that is sanctioned by the government and known to kill. We encourage any legal age smoker who is thinking to trying an electronic cigarette to do their research, compare the products, and make an informed decision for themselves.

2 thoughts on “Comparing Electronic Cigarettes To Tobacco Cigarettes

  1. E cigarettes doesn’t stop the obsession and craving of smoking. You’re only subtlely replacing the method of use to a possibly healthier one that hasn’t yet been verified scientifically. E cigarettes isn’t a solution to the problem of addiction. Carl Jung, one of the greatest known psychologist’s, stated the only answer to conquering addiction is to have a “psychic change,” a rearrangement of ideas or patterns of thinking. Will power isn’t enough, God knows we’ve made several futile attempts to stop to no avail; still stuck in the problem and believing next time we have an answer, like E cigarettes. If you want to stop smoking for good and are willing to go to any length; this will serve as the foundation to recovery. Feel free to contact me via E mail for some sugestions.

  2. Smoke is the worst thing for your mum so if that’s the alternative amlost anything else would be better.Nicotine is a stimulant so needs to be used with caution, just like caffeine, by vulnerable people.Apart from that there are no known serious harms caused by vapour and if it keeps your mum happy and off the cigs then it’s worth considering as a harm reduction strategy.

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