We’ve been getting some questions about how one should go about cleaning their atomizer or even if they should.  The first thing to note is that you should not use any kind of liquid or solvent to clean an atomizer.  They are not meant to be submered in any kind of liquid.  This includes e-liquid.  The e-liquid is suppose to be contained within the cartridge a few millimeters from the atomizer.  When the atomizer element heats up, the heat vaporizes the e-liquid.  Although you may read about some users dripping the e-liquid directly onto the atomizer, this is not recommended.  It may work for a time, but inevitably it will cause the element to burn out.

Over time some eliquid may get onto the atomizer and build up.  The best way to clean it is simply to take the mouthpiece/cartridge off of the atomizer, leaving the atomizer screwed into the e-cigarette battery.  Then gently blow into the LED end of the battery.  This will activate the battery, which in turn will heat up the atomizer and any residual e-liquid will be vaporized.

Cleaning your atomizer in this fashion is not generally necessary.  Making sure your cartridge is full, but not “pooling” with e-liquid is the best way to ensure a long atomizer life on your electronic cigarette.

6 thoughts on “Cleaning An ECig Atomizer

  1. Be careful! Metal in a microwave oven is a recipe for an explosion. Just ask my hubby who nuked a mug that had a metal ring around the top of it.
    Stay safe.

  2. WOW!!! Am I glad I found this site FINALLY!!! I’ve been ecigging it for over 4 months now and going thru addys like crazy! I’m up to having a dozen addys now. I’ve tried the ‘blowing’ thru the tip of the addy and cleaning it with tissue/paper towels to boiling a few of them and letting them dry overnight. Nothing ever seemed to work. I just tried THIS CLEANING TIP and now all my addys are working!!!! Thank you so very much!!! I sure wish I’d found this one earlier and saved me some money, but live and learn!
    Thanks again!

    This works perfect!

    As for the microwaving? omg Elaine, listen to Deborah! You can’t micro metal! GL!

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