With many public health organizations and certain politicians making claims that electronic cigarettes are marketed to children, we decided to put together some numbers about the demographics of our customers. We do require all buyers to be of legal smoking age in order to purchase an electronic cigarette, but we wanted to answer the question if this product is more appealing to the young or the old.

Dealing with our customers on a regular basis has obviously given us some insight into the demographics of our e-cigarettes. Based on these interactions we are comfortable saying the majority of our customers are older smokers who have been smoking for a least 15 years. These seem to be the individuals who find the electronic cigarette a suitable smoking alternative after having tried to quit smoking with various methods over the years with no success.

But what do the number suggest? Although we are still working to put together the average age and the bell curve, we can easily pick out the mean age of our customers: 45 years old. That’s right, the mean year of birth for our customers is 1964. This was not surprising considering all the anecdotal evidence.

So who should use the electronic cigarette? That’s easy…..legal age smokers who have tried to quit smoking multiple times with no success. That’s it. Kids should not e-smoke. Non-smokers should not e-smoke. Pregnant women should not e-smoke. Anyone with any medical conditions should not e-smoke until they have talked to their doctors about it. Smoking, whether burning tobacco or the electronic cigarette, is an adult activity.

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