We have made a move that we believe brings even more value to our electronic cigarette kits. Each kit sold now comes with a USB charger and a USB to AC adapter. So now you have the option to charge your electronic cigarette batteries via a USB port on your computer or use the adapter to charger from a household wall outlet. This can also make traveling much easier as the USB charger is extremely compact. The total length of the USB charger is less than 2.5 inches. Here is a picture:
Electronic Cigarette USB Charger
The USB to AC adapter is also quite compact with the longest side at just over 2 inches. To charge from a wall outlet, you simply plug the adapter into the socket and then plug the USB charger into the adapter. Here is a picture of the adapter:
USB to AC Adapter
So, now all Instead electronic cigarette sets come with this new USB/Adapter combination. If you wish to purchase the USB charger / USB to AC Adapter combination for your existing set, visit New Electronic Cigarette USB Chargers. We should note that these chargers will fit almost any model of e-cigarette.

As a side note, since we still have some of the older USB chargers left in stock, we have drastically reduced the price on these USB chargers for anyone wanting to charge their e-cigarettes via USB. Visit E-Cigarette USB Charger for this limited time deal.

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  1. I am definitely eitcxed to try these. I need to stop smoking cigarettes and this seems like a pretty damn good way to go . Way cheaper than real cigs for sure.Just wondering about a few things. What exactly is it that you’re smoking? It’s not tobacco so you don’t get all the horrible stuff, so I am just curious as to what you are getting with them.VA:F [1.9.12_1141]please wait…

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