5) We have fabulous customer service. If you have any issues with your batteries, atomizers, or charger, just email us or call us at (321) 256-0486 and we will troubleshoot the problem and get you out replacement parts. Even if you are just not sure how everything works, contact us and we will help out.

4) The Instead Electronic Cigarette Kits are unique. We are e-smokers and know what is needed to have a great e-smoking experience. We include 2 batteries and 2 atomizers so you will always have what is needed to smoking your e-cig. Our kits also come with a water resistant storage tin and a velvet carrying pouch, not to mention small zip lock bags to store parts or cartridges that you fill up!

3) ELiquid! The Instead ELiquid is made in America. Each bottle is approximately equivalent to 300 tobacco cigarettes. The bottles are glass with a childproof cap, proper labeling, and a separate dropper. Each kit and each bottle we sell comes with 5 brand new empty cartridges. Curious about prefilled cartridges? We are e-smokers and are not big fans of prefilled cartridges. Read about why we no longer carry prefilled e-cigarette cartridges.

2) Instead works hard for the industry. We are very active on industry forums and with the ECA. We believe every smoker should have the freedom to choose an alternative to a known killer and will fight to that end. We also believe there needs to be standards in the industry and are working to make that a reality.

1) Experience! We have been using electronic cigarettes for about 2 years and selling them for almost as long. We know about the different styles and models and which are good and which are not so good. We know e-cigarette tricks and tips (many of which we share on this blog) to make your e-smoking experience satisfying. We know how to trouble shoot problems when they do arise. This experience is your assurance that we are up on the latest technology and that our e-cig sets contain some of the best products on the market.

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  1. Great post. I really enjoyed it. There is another site I seen around the web with a good list.

    I need to look into getting some of that Eliquid!

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