Today, a wonderful idea was presented by a fellow eSmoker on something that we can all do to help in our campaign of getting the world to know about the positive benefits of the electronic cigarette, proven or not.

We would like to put together a video of 10 second slots of every eSmoker we know answering one simple question:  How has the Electronic Cigarette impacted your life?  Think about it.  Can you sum it up in 10 seconds?  Then we want it!  Couples!  Feel free to do your videos together.  Give yourselves 20 seconds to show your love for the electronic cigarette!

Here is what we would like you to do:

Please speak clearly.  Sound quality is most important.  Start your recording device, sit for a second or two, and then give your ten second answer.  Wait a second or two and then turn off your video recording device.  (This allows for transitions).  When you are done, email your video to us.   That’s it!  That’s all you have to do!

So send in your submissions!  We are ready to get started and as we need to get your voices heard, we are asking that all submissions be submitted no later than May 8th!  That’s a week from this Friday!

What will this be used for?   We are hoping that this video will get enough views that it will make it’s way to those on the Hill and into the media.  We need people to see that the electronic cigarette has impacted a large user base and to take it away from them would be devastating.

So start submitting those videos!  When the 10 minute video is done, we will post it here so you can see!

One thought on “How Has the Electronic Cigarette Impacted Your Life?

  1. the fda can blow me its all about the goverments toaccbo profits. they can alter seeds that produce our food and add whatever they like to it after its growed and not even tell us that a lot of these things cause cancer and is not even allowed in many other countries!! im not on some kind of conspiracy theory im just sayin i think its time we take our damn country back!!

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