Choice can be controversial to say the least. It is however the basis of an enlightened society. The right to choose what you want to be when you grow up. The right to choose your partner. The right to choose your own clothes, what you eat, what you drink, and how you live. A choice made that effects others in a direct and negative way needs to be examined. This is the case with smoking in public. This is a choice that may have direct negative effects on those around you.

So let’s examine this from the perspective of esmoking. Smoking an electronic cigarette, or vaping or e-smoking as it is sometimes known, produces a vapor that is inhaled and exhaled. The ingredients in the actual liquid to be vaporized includes propylene glycol, water, flavoring, and sometimes nicotine. Some formulas also include lemon juice, vinegar, and citric acid. Studies are being done as we speak as to what the composition of the actual vapor is, but considering that no combustion is taking place, it is a distinct possibility that the vapor is made up of the same stuff as the ELiquid. Making this assumption, the question arises, who are you effecting when e-smoking? If you believe the second hand “e-smoke” is dangerous, it is likely you are also against fog machines at theme parks, concerts, and theatrical performances. If this is the case, please also consider fighting for a ban on perfume in public.

Here’s another argument: esmoking may be dangerous to the user. True, it may be. More testing will help determine the degree of danger. With that said, tobacco cigarettes are known to be dangerous and they are not banned. Sky Diving can be dangerous, so let’s ban it. Working in a coal mine or on a crab boat is dangerous…..let’s ban it. Is it really the government’s job to protect me from my own choices?

This is obviously a complicated issue on many levels, but when you break it down to the lowest common denominator, it is about choice, freedom, and personal liberty. God bless America and while He (or She) is at it, please also bless the righteous with common sense.

Write your Senators and other public officials to tell them about your experience with the electronic cigarette. It may help those voting on the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act aka The Waxman Tobacco Bill (NYTimes Article Here, Article Here) to be informed voters. It is still unclear whether or not the Waxman Bill will effect the electronic cigarette, but either way, a Bill that lumps other nicotine products in the same category as burning tobacco is of little help to smokers or those with who care about someone who smokes.

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