Created for smokers, by smokers, the INSTEAD Electronic Cigarette comes with 2 atomizers, 2 batteries with blue LED’s and wall charger, all within an engraved stash tin. Never misplace your components again! All sets also include a velvet pouch that nicely fits 2 batteries, 2 atomizers and your eliquid or some extra cartridges for when you need to tuck them into your pocket or purse!
INSTEAD Electronic Cigarette
Most sets only offer you one atomizer. So what happens when you need to replace your atomizer and you only have one? You have to cross your fingers and wait until your new atomizer arrives. You may even find yourself at the local 7/11, purchasing another pack of tobacco! With two atomizers, you can keep smoking your e-cig, rain or shine.

The INSTEAD Electronic Cigarette Stash Tin is the most eco-friendly cigarette packaging in the electronic smoking industry. Every single thing you receive is reusable. There are no longer pretty packages that present the e-cig to you, and then end up in the rubbish bin! Each tin also comes with a starter guide to get you started. INSTEAD has decided that in order to be truly eco-friendly, the INSTEAD Electronic Cigarette manual can now be found online in English, Spanish and French. There, you will find dosing information, a care guide, as well as eliquid assistance!

This personal vaporizer can be used where ever smoking is not allowed and offers no second hand smoke. The traditional issues with smoking are GONE! No ashtrays, butts, lighters and cigarette burns, the INSTEAD Electronic Cigarette is a must have for every smoker!

Join the tobacco free smoking revolution! Leave the tobacco behind once and for all and continue to enjoy your smoking habit. Say “INSTEAD, I smoke electronically!”

Other accessories available: The Car Charger Adapter, The USB Charger, Batteries with Orange LED’s and coming soon, replacement Stash Tins, Baggies, Velvet Carrying Pouches, and Empty Cartridges.

For our current customers who have already purchased and would like to purchase a Stash Tin, Baggies and/or Velvet Carrying Pouches, please contact us via our online form. We will email you as soon as the extras are in and pricing for current customers is determined.

With the addition of the second atomizer, we have also changed our warranty. Please feel free to visit our warranty page so you can see that we are in this to help you have a successful brand switch! One thing that hasn’t changed in our warranty is that we want happy smokers. Whether you are a customer or not, if you have an issue of any kind, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to work through anything with you and our door is always open.

Thanks for choosing INSTEAD and have a happy tobacco free smoking day!

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