This comparison will be about size.  To give you an idea of the size of our mini e-cigarettes, here is a picture of our mini side by side with a regular length Parliament tobacco cigarette:

e-cigarette vs tobacco cigarette
e-cigarette vs tobacco cigarette

As you can see, our mini is slightly larger than a regular tobacco cigarette (it is about the same length as a 100 tobacco cigarette).  The girth of the device is also slightly greater than a tobacco cig.

First, it is important to note that this is not the smallest electronic cigarette you can buy.  It is also not the largest.  We have tried many, many products and based on our testing, we have found 2 things to generally be true:

1) The larger the device, the longer the cartridges last, the longer the batteries last, and the more smoke (vapor) that you’ll get.

2) The electronic cigarettes that are as small or smaller than a regular cigarette are not of the quality, yet, to where we want to sell them.  I am not making any comments about any particular brand or model, just saying that the smaller ones we have tested get hot quickly (the atomizer) and don’t produce enough vapor.

The Instead Mini Electronic Cigarette is the smallest one we have found that produces a good amount of vapor and has quality components.  It is also quite comfortable to hold and does mimic a real tobacco cigarette quite well.

The Instead Regular Electronic Cigarette is about a half of an inch longer than our Mini, has the same girth, and has a tapered mouthpiece/cartridge.  We will get some pics of it up soon.

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