It’s time for a tip!

Have you switched from tobacco to electronic and find that you are missing something?  Not quite sure what it is?

There has been some talk floating around the forums that once you leave tobacco cigarettes, it isn’t only the nicotine that smokers miss, but the action, the weight of smoke in the lungs, and some of the other additives found in cigarettes.  Today, we are going to give you a tip on how to use your electronic cigarette like a tobacco cigarette.

One of the issues with vapor is that it does not carry the same weight as smoke from tobacco.  As there is no tar, when it is inhaled, the lungs almost feel as if they are begging to work harder, leaving for some, an unsatisfied feeling.

INSTEAD of using your electronic cigarette as a puffer, use it as a cigarette.  Each time you have the desire for a tobacco cigarette, go to your favorite smoking spot.  Take three drops of e-liquid and add it to your cartridge.  Then, get your e-cig going by taking 3-4 quick hard puffs.  You should be able to get 7-10 hard core drags off of your electronic ciggy after that.  They will be heavy in vapor.  You will find that after a few days of doing this, your electronic cigarette becomes more like what your cigarettes were to you and less of a “puffer crutch” because lets face it, you didn’t puff on your cigs all day, you smoked them.  And for some of us, we smoked them hard.

Other things to remember:  Always make sure your battery is charged and that your atomizer is working.  If you notice that you are puffing and you are not getting any vapor, check your battery.  If it isn’t the battery and your cartridge is full, it is probably your atomizer. Happy esmoking!

One thought on “Using Your Electronic Cigarette like a Tobacco Cigarette

  1. i understand that you don’t like it when he does it, my last gfirilrend was the same way with me. but what i say is as long as he is not mean to you or neglects you when he is high then i don’t really see the harm in it. my new gfirilrend likes it when i smoke because i get very affectionate towards her

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