We are fully stocked and have lots to offer.  The stockroom is busting at the seams and that means, our customers benefit!  Right now we are currently offering the following specials:

Regular Electronic Cigarette + 20 refill cartridges

This e-Cigarette set with 20 refills comes with:
1 x Electronic cigarette device
1 x Separate rechargeable battery
1 x Charger & Cable
1 x User’s manual
5 x Cartridges (Tobacco flavored with 2 High nicotine, 1 Medium, 1 Low, 1 Zero nicotine)
20 x Cartridge Refills


The Mini Electronic Cigarette +10 refill cartridges

Many people want to try out a mini e-cigarette, but also want other flavors other than the tobacco that comes with the set. Now, you can get 10 extra refills with your choice of flavor and nicotine level.

Mini Electronic Cigarette + 10 Refills Includes:
1 x Electronic cigarette device (Mini)
1 x Separate rechargeable battery
1 x Charger & Cable
1 x User’s manual
5 x Cartridges (Tobacco flavored with 2 High nicotine, 1 Medium, 1 Low, 1 Zero nicotine)
10 x Cartridges

Please note that we do have some interesting flavors of cartridges and e-liquids.  As these must go and vary depending on the device you purchase or have purchased, look around and see if something sparks your taste buds.  Chocolate and Vanilla e-liquid is available as well.

UPDATE: These packages are no longer available, but please visit our Electronic Cigarette Specials page for information on current specials.

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2 Responses to Current Electronic Cigarette Specials

  1. matthew gagnon says:

    I would like to learn more about the product (e.g. heAlth issues/ comparison with cigarettes)

  2. Ali says:

    My South Beach StoryBy Kimberly CumminsI have smoked for over 30 years. I did hovweer, quit 11 times. The longest was 1 year. I even lost my Dad to cancer and a boyfriend I really loved to cigarettes. One would think I would of learned my lesson .the answer is no. I tried everything on the market. From prescriptions to patches. Recently, I had a massive heart attack with a 1% chance of living. I died twice in the ambulance and went into emergency surgery. I have survived cervical cancer and also was recently diagnosed with Lupus SLE. Finally I listened to my team of doctors that have been telling me my whole life to quit I did! South Beach has saved my life. Along with several of my loved ones. My Mom, Husband, and several friends. I took my South Beach Smokes into to all my doctor’s offices and they all gave it their seal of approval. How about that! I started with their deluxe starter kit and then I started researching all the other brands out there. I am an info junky. I must know and try everything available to me to suggest the very best. After all, I am the go to girl for information. Anyone that knows me, will know I have the answer and if not I will get it. So my search for the perfect e-cigg was so very on. After several months of research which included mail ordering several different brands and lots of cash to start up kits. South Beach came out on top! So now I can confidently advise anyone who wants to quit, you have arrived to the right place. Right here at South Beach Smokes. After my heart attack, which by the way I’m only 45, one comes to wonder why I was spared. Most people go through several emotions till they get to being thankful. I am so very thankful I had the chance to save people I love from killing themselves from commercial cigarettes. Especially because they are loaded with all sorts of chemicals these days. The obvious of course, to the chemical that is fire proofing them. Which means that if you don’t drag on them or put them down in an ashtray they automatically go out. Of course the tobacco companies did not inform anyone of the change in their products because well, it all comes down to cold hard cash! If this story doesn’t convince you, I truly don’t know what will. But keep trying and please give yourself a chance at a new life and in doing so maybe save the ones you love to aging quite nicely along with you.Thank You South Beach for saving my life.Respectfully,Kimberly Cummins

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