We do a lot of online research around here and it is a good thing we do.

On December 8, 2008, we were forced to post E-Cigarette-Mart.com Steals Our Content.  So needless to say, we keep a pretty good eye on our content.  In a daily research adventure exploring the wonderful world of Ruyan Electronic Cigarettes and what they have to offer, we came across a post that quite interested us:  hey look, our content on ecigarettes.cn.  Hmph.  This looks exactly like our content from our home page. There are a bunch of pages ripped off. Here is another example:
Our Content : http://www.e-cig.org/2008/06/11/now-availableflavors-for-your-e-cigarette/
Our Content on ecigarettes.cn : http://ecigarettes.cn/blog/now-available%E2%80%A6flavors-for-your-e-cigarette.html

If you go to Ruyan’s homepage, you will find a link to visit their blog.  It is within there you will find our content along with quite a bit of other content from what looks like someone who writes for E-Cigarette-Mart.com, who is also E-Cigarette-Global.com AND E-Cigarette-Blog.com.  Now, one of three things is happening here.  Either:

One: The Ruyan Electronic Cigarette blog is run by the same people who run the E-Cigarette-Chain-Gang

Two: The Ruyan blog is pulling content from other sites who are copying our content

Three:  Both One and Two are happening.

Ruyan will eventually see this post and we want them to know that they are to take down the post or give us a followable link to our website as you have with the others you have “borrowed” content from.

While we are impressed that our content is being lifted world-wide for Ruyan’s websites, it is imperative that Ruyan understands that stealing content is not only wrong but can be punished.  So please, give credit where credit is due or remove the content immediately.  E-Cigarette-Mart.com learned their lesson right quick and Ruyan has the ability to avoid what is happening here.

For those who have suffered the plight of stolen content/photos, never fear.  As we always promise information to enhance your knowledge, please feel free to utilize the information on our article How To Deal With Content Stealing Online.  You will find helpful hints on how to get your thief to pay attention to you and do what is right.  And if they don’t, you don’t need a lawyer, just some hard work and determination and voila!

Google E-Cigarette-Mart.com.  See what happens. 😉

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