It is always our intention to keep you as up to date on the testing of the electronic cigarette.  We want to make very clear INSTEAD Electronic Cigarettes does not promote these as a quit smoking device or that electronic cigarettes are 100% healthy.  They still (in most cases) contain nicotine.  It is a smoking alternative and as with anything you choose to put in your body, it is your choice.  We can only tell you what we have found, from our personal experience and the experiences of our customers.  When you compare what is in a tobacco cigarette vs. a nicotine cartridge, the contrast is obvious.

Upon investigation, we have found that three separate laboratories have done testing on mice.  LPD Laboratory Services of Blackburn MicroTech Solutions LTD out of Lancashire, UK, Bontek Compliance Laboratory of Shenzen, China, and Health New Zealand LTD out of Christchurch, New Zealand, have all done testing on mice with positive results.

As far as clinical trials on humans, there has been one officially done and that was through Health New Zealand LTD and Auckland University.  The Clinical trials were done from April of 2008 through August of 2008.  The study was done on 48 smokers to test for overall satisfaction of the product as well as health effects both good and bad.  According to Auckland University’s website, the study has been completed and the data is being analyzed.  As soon as it is available, we will post the findings.

We do find it extremely interesting that Kiwi forum members are noting the e-cig has been approved for use.  Hmmm…. We wonder if someone let the cat out of the bag somewhere on the island down under – under???

Either way, if you are still concerned about the safety of the nicotine cartridges, it is your health so go with your gut feeling.  We can tell you that we, and our customers are very happy with the product.  But as smoking was your choice, so is making the switch.

6 thoughts on “Clinical Trials and Testing of the Electronic Cigarette

  1. There have been several studies that prove Nicotine can both prevent and reverse the signs of Alzheimers, Dementia, and Parkinson’s. There are also findings that smokers are 80% less likely to suffer from these issues. They have also shown Nicotine to increase a person’s IQ upto 15 points! I’m not certain of the name of the M.D. but I think I read it in an article published in “Alternatives”. Best wishes..

  2. That is an interesting study! Although I am a smoker and enjoy hearing about such studies, I have a good understanding of statistics and therefore have several reservations regarding initial phase results such as the ones you speak of.
    It is well within the realm of possibility that the altzheimer link may easily have no more connection other than the fact that many smokers die well before an age related disiease begins to surface!
    Just being honest!

  3. I have try to quit smoking many times,cold turkey, in spite of the health issue such a bronchitis, one cold I get, also somking make it worst,, I would be interested in a research study if there is any,,

    Thank You


  4. Yes they did have a problem with the cadrirtges because they were attempting tom switch to an American distributor I believe. But at least they fixed the situation and handled their customers problems unlike a lot of company’s. It took me 3 times contacting smoke51 for them to stop billing and sending me cadrirtges not to mention my free trial was billed to me in full before ever even getting the kit. Green Smoke has a 30-day guarantee beat that!

  5. I made the switch from analog to electric about 3 months ago. i smoked about 2 packs a day for close to 20 years. in the last few months i have not even thought about a real cig. IMO they will help you quit smokeing.

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