Well, we have been waiting all day and finally!  “The Doctors” top 10 health products of 2008 appeared and the electronic cigarette received good reviews!  The doctors themselves suggested that the electronic cigarette is not intended for non-smokers, however, for current smokers, this seems to be a very positive option.

Since all of the doctors are non smokers, they had a female smoker, Beverly, who has struggled with smoking for years try the electronic cigarette.  After two days, she had eliminated the use of regular cigarettes all together and said it is satisfying and she would suggest it to others.

A few things that we must correct.  First being the cigarettes per cartridge.  Getting the equivalent of 20 cigarettes out of a cartridge is widely disputed.  Most cartridges we have tested last 7-10 cigarettes tops.  This varies depending on whether you are using the correct strength of nicotine for your needs, as well as if you are huffing and puffing all day long.  Secondly, they are available in the US right now and we have hundreds of happy customers in North America.

As soon as the episode is available via the internet, we will add a link to the episode to this post.

So are you ready to make the change?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Instead Electronic Cigarettes.  We are looking forward to helping you make a change for 2009!  And if you are interested in other doctors who have given their thumbs up, check out our posts on Family Doctor Takes Notice of Electronic Cigarettes and the recent report on CBC featuring Dr. Carl Phillips of the University of Alberta.

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