For those of you not familiar with CBC, CBC is owned by the Canadian government and the central news source for Canada.  Being that we have strong ties to Canada, we watch a bit of CBC when we get the chance.

Over the New Year, CBC featured the electronic cigarette and the news report was very well done.  A group of health researchers in Edmonton, Alberta, sat around and tried various forms of the electronic cigarette and electronic cigar.  Their responses were highly comforting.  This is not the first report that has been made that has qualified health officials or researchers saying that yes, the electronic cigarette may be untested, but it is a smoking alternative that people can get on board with.

Dr. Carl Phillips of the University of Alberta, notes that “nicotine itself is not a bad thing… it is similar to coffee drinking… caffeine.  It’s the smoking that’s so bad and kills people and that’s why we are focused on what we call tobacco harm reduction.  Try to allow people who want to use nicotine to do so without dying from inhaling smoke.” Later, he goes on to say that there is “very good scientific research that smokeless tobacco is low risk.”  He does note that there is “little evidence or testing on vaporized nicotine on the lungs” however, with the electronic cigarette the user receives “vaporized nicotine and relatively innate gases as opposed to cigarette smoke which is a devils brew of molecules and poisonous gases.”

With more and more health professionals and researchers finding the electronic cigarette to be promising, the electronic cigarette will become the new smoking alternative of the future and something we are proud to help you transition too.  It may be better for the environment, better for those around you and hopefully, far better for you too. Future testing will tell.

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Happy Vaping!

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