“The Doctors” is a tv show syndicated throughout North America on early to late afternoon tv.  On January 7, 2009, they will review their top ten list of health trends of 2008 and the electronic cigarette made the list!

We are so excited that “The Doctors” have given a real look into the electronic cigarette and cannot wait to hear what they all have to say!  We will have an update of the program later tomorrow and if you can set your DVR, set it now so you won’t miss it!

For more information on “The Doctors”, please feel free to visit their website.  If you would like to add comments to our post tomorrow, please feel free to do so!  The electronic cigarette is really a great invention that will hopefully move smoking into a new realm!  We can hardly wait to see what real doctors are willing to say out loud and on the air about this ingenious smoking alternative!

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