With the holiday travel season coming up quickly, we have been answering some questions about our #10 place to use your electronic cigarette, on an Airplane.  With more and more people becoming aware of this wonderful gadget, more and more places are getting their first taste of having to deal with electronic smokers.

The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) has, as of the date of this posting, is not listed the electronic cigarette on the list of items that cannot be used on a plane, however, they do warn that the individual airlines, captain and crew have the final say on what is acceptable in their cabins.

After a little bit of research, we have discovered that there are currently three airlines who have added the electronic cigarettes to their lists of unacceptable devices on planes.  They all basically state that because the electronic cigarette looks so much like a real cigarette, they are worried that others might think someone is actually smoking and either freak out or start smoking a real cigarette themselves.

According to a thread on CabinCrew.com, regarding the electric cigarette, it appears that crew members have mixed emotions.  Some believe it is a fun little gadget and totally harmless.  Others believe that it is just easier to keep all patrons happy by not allowing anyone, anything.

As of this post, the airlines that have made definite decisions on the electronic cigarette and DO NOT allow their use while inflight are Virgin Atlantic, TUI and Thomson, and Thomas Crook (TCX).  TUI and TCX are British airlines who primarily fly within Europe.  None of these three have any mention of electric or electronic cigarettes anywhere on their websites.  However, their cabin crew members have said they have been given the no-go.  Please note that as of 1/10/2009, Continental has included the e-cig on non-usable in flight items.

So what does this mean for you?  Can you smoke your electronic cigarette on an airplane?  We strongly suggest that if you fly any of the above three airlines, since they do have policy, you respect their policy.  If you are flying on an airline that has not taken a position, ask first. And since you are on a plane, one suggestion is to hold your electronic cigarette cusped in your hand, hold your vapor for a wee bit longer, and blow it towards your feet.  Acting like you are in a bar will draw attention to you and anger your cabin crew. Even with permission it is best to avoid making a spectacle.

Act respectful.  Heck.  Even take an extra cartridge/mouthpiece with you so if a crew member wants they can play with it!  If e-smokers make the cabin crew our friends, they might be more open to helping with policy in the future.  And of course, if the cabin crew asks you to put your electronic cigarette away, it is their airplane, so do it.

Either way, the electronic cigarette will make your holiday traveling that much easier.  You won’t have to go through security to sneak that last minute smoke.  Our final say on using your electronic cigarette on an airplane is that on most airlines, there are no rules against it, so don’t ruin it for the rest of us by acting like a fool. 🙂

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24 thoughts on “Using your Electronic Cigarette on an Airplane

  1. I am a retired airline captain and my wife is currently employed w/ American Airlines. She has been asked by a passenger whether or not she could use the e-cigarette, but there has been no determination (to my knowledge).

    Since my wife is what you would call a “social” smoker, I’m interested to find out what American Airlines policy is. I will pursue this.

  2. On August 23rd 2010, I emailed British Airways prior to a San Francisco London flight:
    Does British Airways allow passengers to use electronic cigarettes, known as “vaping” (alternative to a nicotine patch), on board this flight?
    Thank you.

    The reply was:
    Dear Ms —– (Name removed)

    Thank you for your email regarding using electronic cigarettes during your journey with British Airways.

    We have a no smoking policy on board our aircraft, and in our lounges, regardless of the type of device ‘smoked’.

    I’m sorry for any disappointment this may cause to you.

    British Airways

  3. What are they going to do next?Check people for Nicotine patches,nicotine gum etc etc.What is wrong with these people?
    It is NOT smoking,it is a nicotine replacement product which as far as I’m aware is backed by the goverment.LOL.

    I haven’t touched a tobacco cig since I got my ecig.I was a 40+ a day smoker.If it wasn’t for this fantastic invention then I’d still be putting all the known crap in my body,bothering others with passive smoking and choking.Smelling my clothes and home up and everyone else’s.Stinky ashtrays.The list is endless..

    Why should we have to fight for our right to use the ecig.Its like having to battle it out to stop using anything that makes a bit of steam.You’d better stop putting the kettle on or getting washed in hot water etc,the water vapour may offend somebody!!

    Where does this all end????

  4. I really don’t want to smoke an e=cig in my seat….but am worried about the smoke alarm going off in the washroom. I know it’s only a vapor and not smoke but would appeciate it if anyone knows.

    1. I smoke my ecig in the washroom on various flights from, London to Australia, or Manchester to Australia, & have had no problems with the smoke alarms. hope this helps. shaz.

  5. Smoking in the bathroom. Jesus, am I in grade school? I doubt seriously the smoke detector will go off. So what if it does. Tell the crew that their smoke detector is probably defective and they should report it to maintenance for safety reasons. Carry a can of hair spay and tell them you were only spraying your hair. Or better yet, tell them you haven’t bathed in several days and show them a can of aerol spray deodrant that you used.

    No matches, no lighters, no tobacco, and no FAA regulations banning electronics. What federal judge can impose a fine on using an electronic? An electronic cigarette is just that………….. an electronic!!!!!!!!!

    You are allowed to use an electric razor, electric curling iron, and an electric toothbrush in the bathroom.

  6. I’m flying on American Airlines this weekend and found the following policy posted on their website under Electronic Equipment/Personal Devices (http://www.aa.com/i18n/travelInformation/duringFlight/onboardTechnology.jsp?anchorEvent=false&from=Nav):

    Devices that are not allowed to be activated at any time are those, including e-cigarettes, that could cause damage to equipment or diminish the design, function, or capability of the aircraft.

  7. The big problem from me when flying isn’t not being able to smoke on the plane, it’s not being able to smoke in the airport when waiting for my flight or connection. I would think that you should be able to get an e-cigarette through security in your carry-on bag. I’d bring the instruction book with you to show them in case they have any questions. Then, if the airport you’re in is totally non-smoking, just go to one of the restrooms, go into a stall and vape away. No one will smell it. It’s not smoke so you’re not really smoking. So your nicotine fit should be satisfied with a few puffs in the loo. I naven’t flown since I started vaping so if anyone can add to this as to their experience on vaping in totally non-smoking airports, please do.

  8. I have used an ecig on my last 2 flights. No one even questioned me. I did use in a discreet manner as mentioned here. I am not trying to be a dick, just trying to get my nicotine fix on those long flights.

  9. I smoked ecigs on flights in the plane bathroom many times – no problems with smoke alarm of course.
    E-cig is an electronic device and as such can’t be used during take off or landing, it should be ok to use at other times unless airline adds it to their “prohibited devices” list.

  10. I did smoked the e-cig on my seat while nobody saw. Nothing happened at all. No smell n alarm keep it quiet. Good stuff will smoked it again probably in the bathroom and try to not freak other passangers out.

    1. I gave up smoking 13 years ago, best thing I ever did. I do not want to see or smell an e-cigarette anywhere. On a flight from Heathrow to Manchester, a lady smoked one – unfortunately throughout the hour flight (I felt really uneasy) – the lady was asked to switch it off by the steward whilst the plane was landing – but, as soon as the wheels touched the runway, she lit it again. I remember, it showed on TV a short time ago that one had ‘blown up’ & injured a staff member in a public house, which could just as easily blow up on a plane or anywhere else. I’m sorry, but I believe they should be banned completely from all airlines. B.A. take note & update your staff to announce that they are not allowed on all B.A. flights.

  11. I smoked an ecig at my window seat. Perfect spot if you want to be discrete. Just turn and look out the window and take a drag. My wife sitting next to me didn’t even know I was puffing. I also pop off the end of my battery on all my cig’s and put a circle of black tape inside the pastic end then super glue it back in place so the glowing light is real dim. Works great! Also puffed in the john of the the plane many times. No alarm and no smell. Who’s going to know.

  12. I have been smoking Ecig for 2 years regularly on Airplane..in the washroom..no alarm problem…I do the same in terminals..I rarely smoke in my seat on long flight when every body id asleep and I use many of the techniques mentioned on this blog..another one is covering my head with blanket…
    i know it’s unfair and funny/sad in a way that we have to go through all this inspite of the fact that we re trying to quit smoking and we should be encouraged…E cig was a life saver for me..it’s the only thing that worked and i don’t smoke real cigarettes any more…
    i use the Blucig..its black color and blue LED tip makes clear to people that it’s not a real cigarette…I think things will change with time but we have certainly to keep trying and even fighting for our right…It is after all like a medicine..it is harmless to others and the vapor made is not differnt than the vapor i see coming from hot tea or coffee when served on the airplane…good luck everybody..and long live the Ecig.

  13. it is a shame that a harmless gadget is banned from airliners as a heavy smoker for the last 50 odd years i find it very difficult to wait at gatwick airport for up to 3 hours before flying and then a long flight until i disembark and head for the nearest outside smoking area. just come back from cyprus 4 and a half hour flight virtually biting my fingernails waiting for a puff. if it’s harmless why ban them on planes when you can use a laptop or mobile phone????????? hope somebody sorts out the airlines quickly or else i might stop flying altogether….

  14. No Chance… These buggers just want to make our lives as monotonous as possible, we’ve had the smoking ban here in the UK since ’06 and the pubs have been closing on a daily basis as a direct result, hundreds of jobs lost, bankruptcies, the works. Why should the powers that be worry? They don’t want us consuming alcohol either, If you appear to be deriving ANY enjoyment out of ANYTHING, (apart from attending health and safety conferences) they’ll be down on you like a ton of bricks. Sorry to sound so negative but the UK is no longer a democracy, It’s a dictatorship ran by a bunch of clipboard carrying, box ticking, jobsworth bloody health fascists.

  15. I would like to ask you guys few questions. What about EU can i go through security with my e-cigarette? It does not look like a simmilar cigarette, it’s with dual coil cartomizer and Ego Battery, 1100mAh. some officers may not know what it is and i don’t have instruction manual. I’m worried that they can take it from me… 🙁

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