As it is that time of year, it is strongly suggested that if your purchase of an electronic cigarette will be a gift for a smoker, please make sure you place your order no later than Wednesday, December 17, 2008.  We will do everything in our power to ensure that your gift is to you in time for wrapping and/or stuffing in the sock!

The electronic cigarette makes a great gift for any smoker.  If you just can’t figure out what to get that smoker of yours, try our Instead E-Cigarette Sets.  The kit comes complete with:

2 x Atomizers
2 x Separate rechargeable battery
1 x Charger & Cable
1 x User’s guide
5 x Empty Cartridges
Optional: 1 x 15 ml bottle of ELiquid

We hope that everyone has a wonderful winter season and whether this is a gift for you or someone else, we do hope you enjoy it!  The electronic cigarette is a wonderful smoking alternative so you can still feel like a smoker, without the butts, the smoke, No Joke!

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