It was bound to happen!  An informative review by WPVI-TV Philadelphia, PA regarding the electronic cigarette, where Dr. Richard Wender, Jefferson University Hospital family doctor and previous national president of the American Cancer Society, stated that “Anything that gets you off real cigarettes is better for your health.”

This is big news for the electronic cigarette world.  With the spreading visibility of the electronic cigarette, more and more are beginning to notice and ask questions.  Smokers who don’t want to quit because they love the action, can use this as a smoking alternative.

There are ongoing conversations regarding whether the electronic cigarette is a quit smoking device and should be regulated by the FDA.  However, one fact still remains, that unlike the patch, pill, or nicotine gum where one is forced to cease the habitual action of smoking, one is not forced to do the same with the electronic cigarette.  The user is still able to participate in the hand-to-mouth action as well as the dragging and exhaling.

So if you have been wandering around the kitchen, dying for a cigarette out of your secret stash and don’t think you can bear it anymore, try the electronic cigarette.  Also available with no-nicotine.  So if your patch has gotten you out of the nicotine phase but you find the action is missing from your life, give an electronic cigarette a whirl.  Buy your electronic cigarette today!

Also, the electronic cigarette made the top 10 list for 2008 on “The Doctors”!

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