One of the most dreaded holiday excursions for a smoker is a flight to anywhere. In a car, you can pull over and smoke just about anywhere. In the airport transportation system, not so much. If you aren’t brave enough to risk going through security, you are pretty much attached to your bad mood and nicotine gum reserve, that is now probably stale. Traveling and not smoking can be a horrible, horrible experience for yourself and fellow travelers.

So what do you do to ensure that your traveling and smoking addiction go peacefully? Make sure you have your electronic cigarette on hand and ready to go. Keep extra nicotine cartridges or ELiquid in your checked luggage and throughout your carry ons to get you through your trip. Don’t forget to carry your charger and extra battery with you, just in case you find yourself in travelers hell, trapped in a non-destination airport.

If you haven’t completely transitioned over to the electronic cigarette, this will be a breakthrough for you. As mentioned in our top 10 places to smoke your electronic cigarette, you will cause stares. Note though: Most other travelers will be either envious or curious. That is why they are staring. And if you aren’t one who can handle conversation, puff away in the toilet. No-one will have any clue what you are up to as there is no smoke.

The electronic cigarette is the perfect travel companion. And, if you decide to travel by car, this is an excellent option too. INSTEAD of showing up smelling of smoke, try the electronic cigarette. You won’t be disappointed. Your mom won’t be able to complain about your bad habit and you will be dosed with your nicotine to help you handle your holiday travels.

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  1. yeah but its either a table unit or a ralely bulky handheld. im literally talking about the same shit as an ecig but instead of cartridges for nicotine, it should be thc and stuff. no hassle super small compact rechargeable and the same size as a ecig would be dope.

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