The electronic cigarette is pretty new to the scene and many people have a confused look on their face when you even mention the name. Well, if you don’t know what it is, have a look here. Ok, now that you have an idea of what I am taking about, I have put together a list of the best places to use your electronic cigarette, assuming of course you are somewhat of a trouble maker and like answering a lot of questions about “what the hell you think you are doing” for those around you who believe you are actually smoking within 100 miles of their lungs. Keep in mind the the electronic cigarette does not produce any harmful second hand smoke. There is no smoke. It is simply a vapor that dissipates.

10. On an airplane

Be prepared for the other passengers to be pushing their “I need immediate service” buttons simultaneously.  We have more information regarding the FAA and using electronic cigarettes on an airplane.

9. At your kids school recital

Assuming you don’t get thrown out by the hall monitor on duty; you may get a lot of looks from the more sensitive parents. And as always, sneak away. Let’s not encourage the youngins.

8. At the mall

Have a quick explanation for the security guard who may or may not carry a taser.

7. In church

The Bible may not say anything about electronic cigarettes, but I bet the Preacher does.

6. At the movies

Depending on the lighting, most probably wouldn’t even realize you were using your electronic cigarette.

5. On TV

This one is for those actors reading this. Seriously, use your e-cigarette on TV.

4. In a restaurant

Beware of mobs with pitchforks who think it is a real cigarette.

3. At the library

Just use it quietly.

2. In a bar in California

Arnold himself may confront you…until he realizes the electronic cigarette is the first step to creating Terminator.

1. In the hospital

Again, have a quick explanation or suffer long lectures about the harmful effects on tobacco smoking on you and those around you.

There you have it, the top 10 places to use your electronic cigarette to create conflict for no apparent reason. Let us know the feedback you get and if anyone immediately recognizes the fact that it is not a burning cigarette.

NOTE: This is funny, not serious. Always ask the establishment owner, manger, or worker before using the e-cigarette in doors. Use common courtesy.

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