In these hard economic times, many smokers have been looking for a cheaper alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes.  Some have turned to the electric cigarette, otherwise known as the electronic cigarette or e-cigarette.  The device itself has an initial price tag, but the savings come in the form of cheaper refills.  Over time, money can certainly be saved (assuming of course that it is a complete replacement of the more expensive tobacco cigarettes).  For further savings, we now offer eLiquid.  This is a small bottle containing the propylene glycol, water, flavoring, and possibly nicotine (if ordered as such) that is normally contained within a refill cartridge.  The concept is simple; rather than replace the whole cartridge, just refill the used one using a few drops of eLiquid aka smoke juice.  The down side is convenience and the up side possible dramatic savings.  So, for those looking for a replacement of their traditional, harmful cigarettes and want to save a bit of money in the process, this new package offering may be just what you want.

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