I’ve gotten some questions about the differences between an electric cigarette and an electronic cigarette (as well as many other names such as ecigarette, e-cig, e-smoke). Just to be clear, there are various names for the electric / electronic cigarette, but these do not generally represent any difference in how the device functions or even the model. There are different models and brands out there, but they usually use brand based terms, not generic ones such as the electric cigarette.

The important thing to remember is that all the devices work in basically the same way. There is a battery as the main bulk of the device (this usually has the led light on the end), then the atomizer that screws into the battery, then the nicotine cartridge / mouthpiece. In some, the cartridge and mouthpiece are the same part, while others have the cartridge separate from the mouthpiece, which is the case for many of the newer models. Below is a picture of the electronic cigarette separated into its parts to get a better idea of how it works. So, you can not tell anything about the device based on its label of electric cigarette or electronic cigarette or e-cigarette or any other name…..these are just names floating around the web and, as far as I know, are not associated with a particular brand or model. But nonetheless, yes it is an electric cigarette.

electric cigarette

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