UPDATE: The electronic cigarette forum we started was taking a bunch of time and taking us away from our core business……providing great products and customer service to all of the INSTEAD ESmokers! So, if you are still looking for an electronic cigarette forum….here is our list of e-cigarette forums online:

E-Cigarette-Forum – one of the busiest and oldest e-cigarette forums on the internet
E-Cigarette Directory – a directory of e-cigarette suppliers, retail locations, and electronic cigarette websites
Vapor Talk – a well thought out electronic cigarette forum run by some funny guys
Right To Vape – a consumer based forum where esmokers discuss many of the issues facing the e-cigarette industry
Electronic Cigarette Forum – a general forum about electronic cigarettes
ESmoking.net – a news and forum website
Vape Zone – a newer forum about e-cigs and vaping
ECig Space – a forum site using community software to allow for more interaction between users
Vapers Forum – an electronic cigarette forum to bring vapers together
Vapor Boards – an e-cigarette forum

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  1. Jerbie says:

    GREAT NEWS!! After years of medical research that indicated smoking was responsible for many of the diseases suffered by man including CANCER, HEART DISEASE, EYE DISEASES,and LUNG DISEASE it has been determined to be wrong!!
    The Surgeon General announced today during a visit to Mars that previous medical research showing that smoking tobacco cigarettes is harmful to human health was flawed. Further, it appears that smoking is actually healthy and contributes to longevity. The 4,000plus ingredients contained in a cigarette are nourishing and healthy. Announced concurrently with the great news about tobacco cigarettes is that the new Electric Cigarette has been discovered to be harmful to your health and responsible for heart disease, cancer, lung disease, and eye disease. Further, the nicotine contained in the Electric Cigarette is responsible for under age smoking, use of illegal drugs, and increased crime.
    For those of you that do not believe the news and feel that the Electronic Cigarette is a better alternative or at least no worse than the tobacco cigarette that is currently legal to buy and use, please go and buy the very best Electric Cigarette Money Can Buy!
    The humor in the above is self-evident. I wish people (Gov’t or others) would stop trying to protect us from ourselves. If we need their help I am sure we are capable of asking. In the interim, leave us alone!! Anyone, even with a sliver of a brain, knows that tobacco cigarettes are harmful and deadly. I believe that my Electronic Cigarette device has saved me a certain early death. That is my decision to make and should not be subject to anyone’s permission. The day the American Government bans tobacco cigarettes will be the day that I spring wings and fly. Until then I prefer to be a smart smoker and ask that you stop the hypocritical nonsense and keep your noses out of our business. PLEASE!!!

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