The electronic cigarette or ecigarette is a not a quit smoking device, but rather a replacement to smoking tobacco. The electronic cigarette is an alternative to smoking tobacco. The electronic cigarette can be used with various levels of nicotine content, including zero nicotine. If you are a regular smoker, it is recommended you use the medium nicotine level (or high if you smoke a lot). For those who don’t want the nicotine, you can get electronic cigarette refills with no nicotine. To purchase the ecigarette visit Buy Electronic eCigarettes.

2 thoughts on “The Electronic Cigarette is NOT a Quit Smoking Device

  1. i bought a chepaer brand in a market and i smoke 60 a day (roll ups)? and the cheap one made me smoke 10 rollups a day, i am buying this one on citydeal as its 22 euro so fingers crossed.they have been medically proven to be healthier and they wouldnt be allowed sell them if it was false, but i had the same thoughts you did. best thing is you can smoke them anywhere, pubs, plane and alot more

  2. I have quited smikong 2,5 years ago but I think I will soon restart it. I ve been told that smikong free-nicotine e-cigarette is like not smikong at all and thus by using zero nicotine e-cigarette I don’t restart smikong but it’s something totally different that just? ressembles to the ordinary cigarettes. Can be this true?

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