It is first important to not that Nicorette Gum has been approved to be sold as a smoking cessation device, while the electronic cigarette has not. With that said, they both deliver nicotine so I thought a comparison might be useful. There are more differences between these two alternatives to smoking cigarettes than there are similarities. Both give the user a dose of nicotine, however e-cigarettes or “electronic cigarettes” also provide the user with an outlet for the hand and mouth movement, which can be a very real concern for many who have been smoking and performing this action for many years. e-Cigarettes also deliver the nicotine to the user in a very similar way as a regular burning cigarette; inhaled into the lungs, while nicorette is ingested and absorbed. The debate rages whether nicotine itself is a health concern, but most admit that removing the other additives and toxins found in cigarettes is a good thing.

As any smoker who has tried knows; quitting smoking is hard. In fact some smokers don’t want to quit at all, they just don’t want cancer. If you have tried to quit smoking with no success, you may want to take a different approach and not quit at all. Try an e-cigarette as a smoking alternative. Again, the electronic cigarette is not meant as a quit smoking product, but rather an alternative to smoking tobacco.  Also, this product is not yet FDA approved in the United States and it may or may not end up being regulated by either the FDA or ATF.

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