e-Cigarettes are all about the nicotine while eliminating various harmful and often toxic substances that come with (or are added to) traditional tobacco. Here is a list of additives in traditional cigarettes:

  • Acetanisole
  • Acetic Acid
  • Acetoin
  • Acetophenone
  • 6-Acetoxydihydrotheaspirane
  • 2-Acetyl-3- Ethylpyrazine
  • 2-Acetyl-5-Methylfuran
  • Acetylpyrazine
  • 2-Acetylpyridine
  • 3-Acetylpyridine
  • 2-Acetylthiazole
  • Aconitic Acid
  • dl-Alanine
  • Alfalfa Extract
  • Allspice Extract,Oleoresin, and Oil
  • Allyl Hexanoate
  • Allyl Ionone
  • Almond Bitter Oil
  • Ambergris Tincture
  • Ammonia
  • Ammonium Bicarbonate
  • Ammonium Hydroxide
  • Ammonium Phosphate Dibasic
  • Ammonium Sulfide
  • Amyl Alcohol
  • Amyl Butyrate
  • Amyl Formate
  • Amyl Octanoate
  • alpha-Amylcinnamaldehyde
  • Amyris Oil
  • trans-Anethole
  • Angelica Root Extract, Oil and Seed Oil
  • Anise
  • Anise Star, Extract and Oils
  • Anisyl Acetate
  • Anisyl Alcohol
  • Anisyl Formate
  • Anisyl Phenylacetate
  • Apple Juice Concentrate, Extract, and Skins
  • Apricot Extract and Juice Concentrate
  • 1-Arginine
  • Asafetida Fluid Extract And Oil
  • Ascorbic Acid
  • 1-Asparagine Monohydrate
  • 1-Aspartic Acid
  • Balsam Peru and Oil
  • Basil Oil
  • Bay Leaf, Oil and Sweet Oil
  • Beeswax White
  • Beet Juice Concentrate
  • Benzaldehyde
  • Benzaldehyde Glyceryl Acetal
  • Benzoic Acid, Benzoin
  • Benzoin Resin
  • Benzophenone
  • Benzyl Alcohol
  • Benzyl Benzoate
  • Benzyl Butyrate
  • Benzyl Cinnamate
  • Benzyl Propionate
  • Benzyl Salicylate
  • Bergamot Oil
  • Bisabolene
  • Black Currant Buds Absolute
  • Borneol
  • Bornyl Acetate
  • Buchu Leaf Oil
  • 1,3-Butanediol
  • 2,3-Butanedione
  • 1-Butanol
  • 2-Butanone
  • 4(2-Butenylidene)-3,5,5-Trimethyl-2-Cyclohexen-1-One
  • Butter, Butter Esters, and Butter Oil
  • Butyl Acetate
  • Butyl Butyrate
  • Butyl Butyryl Lactate
  • Butyl Isovalerate
  • Butyl Phenylacetate
  • Butyl Undecylenate
  • 3-Butylidenephthalide
  • Butyric Acid]
  • Cadinene
  • Caffeine
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Camphene
  • Cananga Oil
  • Capsicum Oleoresin
  • Caramel Color
  • Caraway Oil
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Cardamom Oleoresin, Extract, Seed Oil, and Powder
  • Carob Bean and Extract
  • beta-Carotene
  • Carrot Oil
  • Carvacrol
  • 4-Carvomenthenol
  • 1-Carvone
  • beta-Caryophyllene
  • beta-Caryophyllene Oxide
  • Cascarilla Oil and Bark Extract
  • Cassia Bark Oil
  • Cassie Absolute and Oil
  • Castoreum Extract, Tincture and Absolute
  • Cedar Leaf Oil
  • Cedarwood Oil Terpenes and Virginiana
  • Cedrol
  • Celery Seed Extract, Solid, Oil, And Oleoresin
  • Cellulose Fiber
  • Chamomile Flower Oil And Extract
  • Chicory Extract
  • Chocolate
  • Cinnamaldehyde
  • Cinnamic Acid
  • Cinnamon Leaf Oil, Bark Oil, and Extract
  • Cinnamyl Acetate
  • Cinnamyl Alcohol
  • Cinnamyl Cinnamate
  • Cinnamyl Isovalerate
  • Cinnamyl Propionate
  • Citral
  • Citric Acid
  • Citronella Oil
  • dl-Citronellol
  • Citronellyl Butyrate
  • itronellyl Isobutyrate
  • Civet Absolute
  • Clary Oil
  • Clover Tops, Red Solid Extract
  • Cocoa
  • Cocoa Shells, Extract, Distillate And Powder
  • Coconut Oil
  • Coffee
  • Cognac White and Green Oil
  • Copaiba Oil
  • Coriander Extract and Oil
  • Corn Oil
  • Corn Silk
  • Costus Root Oil
  • Cubeb Oil
  • Cuminaldehyde
  • para-Cymene
  • 1-Cysteine

This is only the A – C list. If you would like, here is D – M and M – Z.

Here is a list of known toxins in cigarettes:

Agent Toxic Ciliotoxic Carcinogenic Co-carcinogenic
/ Promoter
Carbon Monoxide x
Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) x
Hydrogen Cyanide x x
Formaldehyde x x
Acrolein x
Acetaldehyde x
Ammonia x
Hydrazine x
Vinyl Chloride x
Urethane x
2-Nitropropane x
Quinoline x
Benzo[a]pyrene x x
Dibenz[a,h]anthracene x x
Benzo[b]fluoranthene x x
Benzo[j]fluoranthene x x
Dibenzo[a,h]pyrene x x
Dibenzo[a,i]pyrene x x
Dibenz[a,j]acridine x x
Indeno[1,2,3-cd]pyrene x x
Benzo[c]phenanthrene x x
Benz[a]anthracene x x
Benzo[e]pyrene x x
Chrysene x x
Methylchrysene x x
Mehtylfluoranthene x x
Dibenz[a,c]anthracene x x
Dibenz[a,h]acridine x x
Dibenzo[c,g]carbazole x x
Mehtylnaphtalenes x
1-Methylindoles x
Dichlorostilbene x
Catechol x
3-Methycatechol x
4-Methycatechol x
4-Ethycatechol x
4-n-Propylcatechol x
Nitrosodimethylamine x
Nitrosoethymethylamine x
Nitrosodiethylamine x
Nitrosodi-n-propylamine x
Nitrosodi-n-butylamine x
Nitrosopyrrolidine x
Nitrosopiperidine x
Nitrosomorpholine x
N’-Nitrosonornicotine x
4-(methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone x
N’-Nitrosoanabasine x
N’-Nitrosoanatabine x
Aromatic Amines x
Aromatic Nitrohydrocarbons x
Polonium-210 x
Nickel x
Arsenic x
Cadmium x

e-Cigarettes do provide users with nicotine, which has been proven to be addictive. It may even have some long term effects. However, tobacco cigarettes contain so much more potential to kill, it seems like comparing an air gun to a rocket launcher.

2 thoughts on “e-Cigarettes: Nicotine, Yes. But Toxins?

  1. There is a ton of info on that site.I have been doin the ecig thing for about a week. I got the kr808d-1. I didnt get the kit. I just got the battery, some crrgaidtes and juice, and a charger.So far, I like it. Its NOT exactly like a cig, and you wont find a flavor that tastes like your fav cig, although there are a few clones that try to come close.Obviously, you are smoking vapor, not smoke, so that is a difference. The ecig is a lot heavier than a reg cig, so you will have to adjust how you hold it, and cant really hold it in your lips.Do research BEFORE you buy There are some that are pretty crappy. For example, smoke 51 has had issues with recurring billing hidden in their fine print, and their merchandise doesnt work very well.Expect to spend some money upfront. You need at a min two batteries, a charger, and you will need to experiment with cartridge flavors and nicotine level, and find out a usuage pattern to know how many crrgaidtes you will need for a given amount of time. You need to start with a nicotine level that is equal to about what you would get out of one pack. For example, a pack of marlboro lights has about 16 mg of nicotine. So, you should start with a 16 mg nicotine level cartridge. (you should be able to google what you smoke and find the nicotine dosage per cig, then do the math for per pack.) They come in diff strengths and even 0 nicotine, so you can weine yourself off the nicotine. My experience is that one cartridge is more or less equal to one pack based on how long it lasts me by puffs as well as time. But, its one of those ymmv things.Anyways, I have spent roughtly about 150$ thus far. BUT if all goes well, that includes enough supplies to last me for a min of two months, probably more like 3. That is about a 40% price reduction from cigs.Some people on that forum have spent TONS of money going through each of the models and brands trying to find one they like, so really do a lot of reading before you decide on a model. You can always change later, but I think it would be great to have confidence in the first one you choose it will make your first impression and experience better.

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