I am quite excited to see if this new electronic device out of China will be a successful replacement to the tar filled cigarettes I currently smoke.  I believe one mental block to quitting is the “something to do” factor. I’ve smoked for 15 years now and I am only 29. I have my body and mind trained to smoke. The action seems to be as addictive as the nicotine. So, I hope this new electronic cigarette will be a good replacement. I’ll keep you posted….one is on the way.

e-cigarette picture

One thought on “The Electronic Cigarette

  1. cool this product is excellent man iv quitted before but started again, this product is out now and i hope it doesnt affect people in a bad way and helps them leave those dirty cigarettes that just kill finally we can all sell and buy something good for us which we can enjoy and hopefully save our lives at the same time 🙂

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